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rubber matting

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Phoenix4725 · 14/02/2010 13:34

ok not sure where shouldpost this

long as everything goes to plan will be moving on the first of march and am considering taking garden up and putting soft mat down like on parks has anyone else done this?

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MillyMollyMoo · 14/02/2010 16:21

We got quotes for it and it is thousands, we ended up digging down a little, building a frame and putting the rubber chips down under the playsytem, that was still £2,500 but significantly cheaper.

CardyMow · 14/02/2010 16:43

Yeah but you can't get wheelchairs or mac majors through the rubber chips

MillyMollyMoo · 14/02/2010 16:51

And that's why public parks use matting no doubt, it's not really an issue in most peoples garden.

Phoenix4725 · 14/02/2010 18:08

outch can see thats going to need a rethink.That does seem steep going have to see if there is another option

sorry I should have posted in first place that ds uses a wheelchair and if he is not in it he walks very wobbly and will fall over matchstick which is not good when joints go pop

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