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Bathroom lighting for mirror- what works best??

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ampere · 13/02/2010 11:22

We are in a position to redo our ensuite lighting.

Currently we have an old fashioned strip light screwed into the wall above the wall mounted mirror over the basin (on a small pull cord); however,the light seems to be directed in the right place.

We can put a halogen downlighter in the ceiling above the basin which would obviously shine straight down. This would be in addition to other room lighting, incidentally.

Would you or do you think it would cast Dracula like shadows on you face as you stand there cleaning your teeth or whatever ?

Would we be better off with another light mounted on the wall shining at you? I am thinking that professional make-up mirror have that so is that the way to go?


OP posts:
Toots · 13/02/2010 11:42

Think I read on here that lighting either side of the mirror, and a downlight above, six inches from wall is flattering.

Bonsoir · 13/02/2010 20:49

Can you not buy a new mirror with integrated lighting? They give great light.

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