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Radiators and painting them

6 replies

dilemma456 · 12/02/2010 20:17

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 12/02/2010 20:18

i would leave them the colour they come!

painted is a bit weird IMO, and also the ones in our house were painted by previous owner and are now all flaky and manky so now i have to rub them down and re-paint

EdgarAllenSnow · 12/02/2010 20:22

all mine are white. but then all room furniture (doors, skirting board, architrave, corniceing) also white.

Painting them to match the room would look alittle odd...(though they are very easy to spray paint)

paisleyleaf · 12/02/2010 20:27

I only found out a couple of years ago that you can just use emulsion on the radiators. We've done that in a couple of rooms, the same as the wall. And it's been completely fine.
If you've got new radiators though, I think I'd be inclined to just keep them as they are.

Pannacotta · 12/02/2010 20:29

I tend to paint them unless they are nice coloumn radiators.
I often use rich/dark colours and white rads stnad out a mile.
I just bung emulsion on them and re-paint every couple of years. They stand out much less if they are painted in with the wall colour.

ceres · 13/02/2010 08:48

another vote for painting them.

i think standard radiators look odd left white - much better to paint them the same colour as the wall, helps them to 'disappear'.

i use standard emulsion.

Fizzylemonade · 13/02/2010 20:54

If you are leaving them white use a radiator paint, it stops them yellowing.

I have always painted mine white but am now going to paint them to blend in with the walls. I didn't know you could use emulsion until I read it in a magazine. As they say, you learn something new every day

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