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Whats the situation with putting scaffolding on next door neighbours land ?

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herbgarden · 10/02/2010 20:24

Extension is due to start in a month or so- we are building a new bedroom above our existing flat roofed garage. We have a detached house

Our garage is on the boundary - with our neighbour. The other side of the garage wall is a side passage to our neighbours garden but the whole of the garage wall falls within our boundary (ie it is not a party wall)

Originally we thought the garage would have to be demolished and re-built. I served a line of junction notice on our neighbour to comply with the Party Wall Act. Our neighbour has alsorts of plants etc growing up the wall so was a bit upset about it having to come down - they also have a dog so were worried about the dog and security

Our Building Surveyor has now found a way to build above the existing garage structure using steels that sorts out the garage.

We will though need to put up scaffolding on their side to allow the wall to be built up to a 2 storey level.

What do we do about discussing the scaffolding with the neighbour - do we have any rights to put it up ? I presume we just go round and discuss with them but what if they object - I presume we'll have to find another way of doing it ?

They were very nice about our build before we started it and didn't object - it was only when they thought the wall had to come down they got a bit peed off.....

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woodyandbuzz · 10/02/2010 20:29

I don't think you'll have rights, in our old house, our roof was leaking and needed fixing and our neighbours refused to have scaffolding on their side path.

Sometimes you can have rights, in my current house, neighbours must allow access for us to fix guttering if necessary.

carocaro · 10/02/2010 20:40

Just be very nice and ask them, why anyone would say no is beyond me.

Just reassure them that you will ensure eveything is put back to normal, you could even offer to do them a new path, give them some garden centre vouchers.

The dog thing is an issue, you must ensure the area is always secure and it for any length of time it won't be eg: deliveries, work etc you must tell them in advance. If the dog got out and something happened it would be hellish.

It pays to keep on their good side, people get funny about this stuff.

We did what you are doing lat year, building on top of an existing garage, luckily next door had done the same thing the previous year so could not really say no.

I can't see how else they could do it without scaffold, ours did the brick work from the inside, but needed the scaffold for the gutters on the outside and pointing.

herbgarden · 10/02/2010 21:04

Thanks - they were so nice to begin with I'm hoping it'll all be ok. I think they were just very relieved to know that the wall didn't have to come down and can be built upon. The bottom line is that no-one likes disruption or hassle and we are at their mercy...I've said to my husband that we should give them some sort of sweetener if they say yes !

OP posts:
claricebeansmum · 10/02/2010 21:08

We had to do this on our old house. We offered to paint the wall any colour they wanted and offered garden centre vouchers to replace their plants. As a dog owner I would really appreciate some temporary type fencing to be erected for my houdini dog.

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