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red kitchen units, oak flooring, what colour worktop???

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Innat · 09/02/2010 22:12

We have bought a kitchen with red (darkish red) high gloss units and have a oak floor. We need to buy a worktop though and i can't decide on a colour that will look good.

have seen pics of a grey quartz worktop which looked ok, think a dark colour might suit units too but may make the kitchen too dark with the darkish flooring too.

we still have to decide on the colour of the walls too. oh and what type of plinth to get!

any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks

OP posts:
GrendelsMum · 10/02/2010 08:31

Ooh, it sounds ace!

What sort of worktop do you want to go for? Laminate, wood, granite, corian???

phokoje · 10/02/2010 08:35

grey is always good because its a 'nuetral' colour. you need to consider the colour of your walls as this will be touching the worktop.

phokoje · 10/02/2010 08:38

sorry, DD hit keyboard before i was finished! was going to say that the wall colour should maybe be determined by the type of feel you are going for?

skybluewinking · 10/02/2010 09:01

Stainless steel? Neutral colour, v practical and adds light.
I had these in my last house, and loved them.
Am deciding whether to have them here. If I do, will have the sink moulded into one continuous peice, no dirt traps.

EleanorBuntingCupcake · 10/02/2010 09:04

i think grey might make it all too heavy. stainless steel would look fabulous but not sure about practicalities.

Quintessential12belowZero · 10/02/2010 09:08

It sounds ace. Really nice and warm feel.

I think you need to have the plinth the same colour as the floor. Or black.

Black stone work top with a moulded sink. Or maybe Corian? But it must be black, or the darkest granite you could find.

What tiles do you have as splasback?
I can imagine either black tiles, or gold and copper mosaic.

lalalonglegs · 10/02/2010 13:08

I have red gloss units with an oak worktop (in an ideal world I would have concrete though).

DecorHate · 10/02/2010 13:13

I would go for oak or stainless steel - or aix of both which is what I have. Pale grey walls would look good. I don't bother with tiles in the kitchen, just use washable paint and have a stainless steel splashback behind the hob.

Innat · 10/02/2010 19:14

ooh, thanks for all the ideas, sorry haven't been able to log on again till now.

still deciding what kind of worktop - it won't be laminate as units are curved at ends so worktop needs to be curved too.

i just know we wouldn't maintain a wood worktop so that's pretty much ruled out too. i suspect that might rule out a stainless steel worktop too - it might just look smeary all the time due to my slatternlyness.

we already have a sink so won't be getting a moulded one. i think we'll be going for granite or quartz worktops but open to other suggestions - i like the recycled glass ones but not sure how much these cost.

OP posts:
mathanxiety · 10/02/2010 19:22

I was thinking a light blue-grey for the walls and a dark grey for the worktop. I would go for something a bit warmer-toned for the backsplash, maybe metallic/ bronze? Something like this (sorry, American site I believe).

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