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rescuing a water damaged kitchen

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stoppingat3 · 08/02/2010 15:31

Hi all, a little advise would be appreciated, My PIL returned from their holiday over christmas to discover that their water tank had burst and soaked their kitchen.
Their insurance company has authorised a whole new kitchen and they have offered us their old one, if the insurance company won't want to see it "scrapped".
It is worth saving if poss as its English Oak, some painted and some natural. Some of the units are fine but some have the paint coming off or warped doors etc.
Has anyone any experience of insurance companies, or if you can even get old units restored?
Many thanks

OP posts:
BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny · 08/02/2010 15:35

I don't think that you can get water damaged doors repaired, the water splits the wood. There are companies that make replacement doors though, have a liik online (sorry, I don't have the time to do this for you). It's possible to sand the ones with peeling paint and repaint/stain/varnish them but bear in mind that you's have to do it with all of them so the paint matches.

They normally get a skip and everything removed goes into it, once it's on the street/public area then it's classed as not having an owner so anyone can collect it.

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