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Tell me about Timperley - please!

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KoalaSar · 08/02/2010 12:34

We don't live too far away, but more over towards Cheshire. My husband has a job close to Timperley and we are considering moving into the area, mainly because of the schools.

We have two children (both girls). The younger is still a baby but our elder child is in reception year at our (good) local church school. She is also on the girted and talented list as she is very advanced in maths and english so we think she might benefit from the grammar system in a few years time.

I don't know this area well at all and would like to know where we should/shouldn't aim to live. We can afford to spend up to £550k on a house but would prefer an older house if possible (and obviously would prefer not to spend £550k!). I'd prefer not to live on a main road - have seen some nice properties on Park Road - but am thinking this is a busy place.

Also - WRT schools - is there a good church school? We are church attenders. I would obviously prefer a church school but am happy for a non-church school provided it's okay.

Any advice would be great, thanks.

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KoalaSar · 08/02/2010 19:02


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IndigoBlue · 09/02/2010 14:01


There are quite a few primary schools in Timperley area, I'm not sure which ones have more church influence but there is St Hughes which is RC and quite well thought of, I think the best rated primary is Park Road primary school but the catchment area is not big.

Timperley is very suburban, it has a small centre with some shops and a co-op, bank, library etc. There is also a soft play place.

If I had your budget I would probably look at Hale, Altrincham, Bowden areas which are up to 10 mins drive away but they have a nicer feel in my opinion, Hale although the most expensive is the nicest and has a nice centre.

Yes Park Road is a busy road it is the main route to get from one side of Timperley to the other and their are long queues either end in rush hour. There are some nice houses around though so you should be able to get something nice for your budget.

It does have a tram stop so takes 20-30mins to get to manchester.

Hope this helps!

KoalaSar · 10/02/2010 20:24

Thanks for your reply.

I have considered Hale but the house prices are extortionate. We already have a four bed house with three bathrooms and a large kitchen - we'd have to downsize to move to Hale, surely?!

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IndigoBlue · 11/02/2010 13:35

Hi, I just did a quick search on rightmove you can get 4 bedrooms in Hale for the top of your budget but don't know about 3 bathrooms. It could also put you in the catchment area for Bowdon church school which is considered to be a good school.

Doesn't look like there's a massive amount of choice of houses at the moment though including Timperley with what you are looking for but it only takes one for you to like!

KoalaSar · 11/02/2010 23:58

We had a drive over to Hale and Timperley today. The gorgeous house I'd seen turns out to be on a fairly busy road (it's on Moss Lane at £520k). Sooo disappointed!

Hale or Hale Barns looks like the way to go. I still cannot believe the prices though. Thanks for tip re church school - shall investigate!

OP posts:
IndigoBlue · 12/02/2010 13:40

Yes Moss Lane is quite a busy road especially during school run time, because there are quite a few schools in a small area it can get a bit like gridlock sometimes if you try to drive anywhere at 3pm!

I think the prices of Hale are so high because it's a nice area and it's commutable to Manchester plus next to the countryside. It's where footballers etc choose to live, but if you can afford to buy there and get pretty much what you want housewise it could be worth the extra money. Good luck!

JenB8 · 15/03/2012 21:52

Hello, saw this old post and wondered how you got on? We are currently looking to move to Altrincham area (from Scotland). Is Hale Barns nice? Any tips? Thanks!!

hermionestranger · 15/03/2012 21:55

Hale is lovely. Good school system too.

frankie76 · 15/03/2012 22:18


I moved to hale from London 3 months ago and love the area
Haven't made any friends yet but hope to put that right soon

Mandy21 · 16/03/2012 12:05

I live in Hale, moved there about 4 years ago now and we are really happy.

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