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Where in Bucks?

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Buddy80 · 27/01/2010 14:30


We are looking to move from East Berkshire, to Buckinghamshire.

I have heard great things about Milton Keynes in terms of things to do and activities for children.

We would initially be renting a home. We have a 2 year old and I would like to be able to walk to various places, so not somewhere totally out in the sticks where I need a car to get anywhere.

Oh, and somewhere friendly would be a real bonus!

We have flexibility in regards to area, but opinions gratefully received.

Many thanks

OP posts:
GhoulsAreLoud · 27/01/2010 14:34

There is tons of great kid stuff to do in Milton Keynes and lots of really nice areas with loads of green space actually within MK, and some lovely villages outside.

However, public transport is crap and MK is designed to get around by car so you may struggle a bit with that one.

THere are a few nice suburbs within walking distance to town though - Loughton is lovely and worth a look at.

Buddy80 · 27/01/2010 14:37

Thank you so much! That's really helpful.

OP posts:
Swedey · 30/01/2010 11:17

Beaconsfield is lovely. Amersham too. And Chesham is more affordable. They all have great schools and are on the tube.

If you don't mind a longer commute, how about Aylesbury?

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