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Should I move to Horsforth, Otley or Adel?

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Jenbot · 26/01/2010 11:18

Can Mumsnet decide for me? I don't know where to go!

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kingprawntikka · 26/01/2010 18:01

Well Horsforth and Adel are both more a suburb of Leeds whereas Otley is a town in its own right. Depends on how near you want to be to things. Otley doesn't have a train station, not sure about Adel ,but Horsforth does.They are all nice places. Where are you moving from? It might help to think about what you do and don't like about where you are now . I am in the Leeds area and although and I really like Otley I think I would find it a bit far out.I can be in Leeds in 20 mins by bus or just over 10 by train, and as I don't drive I like that. But on the other hand Otley is a bit more rural and prettier area...

Jenbot · 27/01/2010 12:10

Hmm, I don't drive at the moment either and we were thinking of sticking to the suburbs but DH loves his mountain biking, and he thought he'd rather be able to just ride out of the front door, so Otley might be better for that... Plus I like the way Otley only has one secondary school AFAIK which is quite good, so you wouldn't have to worry about that.

But it is quite far out yes.

Hmm. Um.

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