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Help DD is demanding a pink and purple room?

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dilemma456 · 23/01/2010 21:23

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
cece · 23/01/2010 21:25

DD has blossom white by Dulux. It is barely pink and so meets with my requirements of fairly tasteful and not barbie pink.

SleighGirl · 23/01/2010 21:27

dd who is six has bright bright stronl pink and a lilac purple bed and it looks fab (complete with miffy bed linen in pink & lilac). Just hang a cheap white black out blind from ikea instead of the lovely curtains.

snigger · 23/01/2010 21:28

DSD had Barbie pink walls that we nullified with large stamped white daisies along with lilac skirting boards.

Hideous, and completely anti the blue/red/white Nordic chic we forced on DD1, but you know what? She remembers it and loves it, even now, at 18.

Bite the bullet hard, and give her the garish marshmallow paradise she craves - but make sure she's got plenty of connex and meccano too

Metatron · 23/01/2010 21:32

nice curtains.
how about the window wall a pink that goes with the pink in the butterflys on the curtains and maybe butterfly wall stickers in the right colours on the other walls (which could be white)

ShinyAndNew · 23/01/2010 21:33

Dd1 has B and Q 'Pink Splash' and 'Warm Lilac' with a square of chalkboard paint in 'Rose' on one wall. And that looks nice. And it's not too babyish either. It's something that could easily be updated to a pre teens room with a few new bits.

duckyfuzz · 23/01/2010 21:39

my DTs haev just had rooms decorated, we negotiated from lime green down to a pale lilac, with pink curtains and will then take them to choose some pics and stickers to brighten it up as they wish, without it being permanent

GothDetective · 23/01/2010 21:41

sleighgirl - where did you get Miffy bed linen from.

Afraid I can't help with OP as I caved in and DD's room is Barbie pink.

SleighGirl · 23/01/2010 21:43

Miffy pink & purple was from M&S Christmas 2008.

The other girls room is in miffy traditional blue/yellow/orange from mothercare many many years ago.

GothDetective · 23/01/2010 21:48

Thanks, m&s don't have it any more, just looked.

SleighGirl · 23/01/2010 21:50

gits, I knew I should have bought 2 sets!

dilemma456 · 23/01/2010 21:52

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
purpleturtle · 23/01/2010 21:53

DD's room is 3 walls cream (with pink curtains on one of them) and one wall Fairy Dust pink. The carpet is a vibrant lilac. She chose it, and she likes it. I don't tend to hang out in there much, so it doesn't bother me what it's like!

Sidge · 23/01/2010 22:49

My DD1 has Blossom White and Lilac White on the walls, with a bright pink duvet cover and curtains. She has a pale biscuit sort of colour carpet and a bright pink rug.

It looks lovely, I don't mind the hot pink accessories but didn't want bright pink on the walls!

As far as lamp shades go - this is quite sweet

this is also really pretty and would go with your curtains I think

dilemma456 · 24/01/2010 09:51

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
TheHappyCat · 24/01/2010 14:23

We have Harlequin Far Far Away Twinkle Toes - would go with pink and purple.
Here we have the Shoe fabric on cream background (for blinds, but am getting a quilt made when she moves to a single bed from a toddler one).
Her walls are in Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink, the new Modern Emulsion. It's beautiful, I am pleased with it.

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