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Lighting in a house with beams in every room

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LadyThompson · 23/01/2010 14:24

Er...ideas, anyone? I have worked out that we need a track light for the kitchen, otherwise I am wondering pendant downlights in the middle of the ceiling will look odd...

OP posts:
GrendelsMum · 23/01/2010 15:18

I asked this a few months ago - I think if you search you might find that thread.

If your ceilings are high enough, I'd go for pendant downlights - they are a lot more practical than the alternatives!

bunjies · 23/01/2010 15:39

We've got beams and will have pendant downlights over the dining table, positionable halogen lights for the kitchen as well as task lighting under the kitchen shelves. In the bathroom we'll have recessed spots and in the upstairs landing we'll have wall uplighters. Bedrooms will have a pendant as well as bedside lighting.

I say "will have" as we haven't actually finished the conversion yet .

LadyThompson · 23/01/2010 17:29

Thanks Grendelsmum - sadly we haven't the height for pendants in all but probably one of the rooms.

There are wall uplighters in most of the rooms but I need to find 'period' wall uplighters to replace them, probably...Or else have 'track' spotlights in between the beams

OP posts:
GrendelsMum · 23/01/2010 18:02

Oh, you definitely need to fish out my old thread on the difficulty of finding wall uplighters that actually light a room. It's a nightmare. (That's why we are sitting here in the semi-dark.) People made a lot of useful suggestions. I may by now have started two or three threads on the subject!

The track lights have their pros and cons, but are probably the best way to go for the kitchen.

I think Bunjies' house must have ceilings which are quite a lot higher!

Littlefish · 23/01/2010 21:39

This might be the old thread you're talking about

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