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Does bath water have to drain into FOUL waste?

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NotAnOtter · 20/01/2010 20:28

sorry for caps!!

i am considering putting a bath - just a bath no sink etc into a tiny room at the 'wrong' end of the house

there is drainage nearby but only from a room above which was once a kitch ( now nursery)....can i plumb the bath into normal drain?

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Tamarto · 20/01/2010 20:31

If it was a kitchen it should be the right kind of waste pipe, and so fine says DP.

MmeBlueberry · 20/01/2010 20:33

It should be plumbed into the sewer, not to surface water.

NotAnOtter · 20/01/2010 20:51

thankyou tamarto that is great!
now just to work out where to get water from!

OP posts:
alypaly · 21/01/2010 12:44

Make sure it is put in the right drainage because if you come to sell the property it should be checked by surveyor and you can also get fined for putting it into surface water drains

blithedance · 21/01/2010 21:01

You need to work out where your drains run - look at all the downpipes/take up inspection covers. In most houses the drainage from gullies/gutters ends up in the same system as the loos/baths/sinks anyway. It is the public highway drainage which is stormwater drains and usually separate from the foul sewers.

Does the ex-kitchen drain (upstairs?) drain to a stack (thick vertical pipe) or to a trapped gully outside? You should be able to take the bath drain to the same place.

If there was once a kitchen then you should have some sort of water connection nearby but it may not be hot.

NotAnOtter · 21/01/2010 21:22

THANKS For that aly and blithe

i think it drains into a rainwater pipe?? deffo not soil stack

shame there is no hot water as it had silly hot water thing but did have cold

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