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advice on repairing a shower

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Mercedes · 17/01/2010 20:46

The water from our shower is lukewarm although the hot water going into the thermostatic valve thing is hot so I think something is going wrong inside. Does it cost much to repair? Can I repair it myself? Any experience in this sort of thing?

Need to sort out asap cos my parents are coming on Friday and will not want lukewarm (freezing according to my dp)showers.

OP posts:
Furball · 18/01/2010 07:34

Just twiddle the thermostatic valve

Ours is fine then it gradually over weeks must get blocked or something and dh has to fiddle with it and it's fine again.

tis a pain to be honest, like you say, loads of hot water, but have to have warm shower sometimes grrrr

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