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M&S Rosine sofa

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HouseHuntingNoMore · 06/01/2010 21:27

We have ordered a 2 seater Rosina sofa from M&S for my DS playroom. Does anyone have one & if so are you happy with it? Thanks

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FatGirlThin · 06/01/2010 22:10

Bit late now isn't it?!
I have had M & S sofa for 10 yrs now. I'm bloody sick of the colour but wear wise it's still absolutely fine. My only gripe has been not being able to clean the covers, if I scrubbed them with a cleaner it took the colour out a bit. My two dc went through these sofas as babies and toddlers so they had alot of stains.
I would definitely buy M & S sofas again though - just check carefully about the cleaning(care of) labels first.
Enjoy your new sofa

careergirl · 06/01/2010 23:19

I've just bought an M & S sofa the "Fenton"

Have to say although only had it since just before Xmas am delighted with it. Top marks to the delivery team as well - very professional and efficient.

How it wears time will tell but so far very happy!

HouseHuntingNoMore · 09/01/2010 23:43

Cheers my dears We have 14 days in which we can cancel free of charge, any time after that it is £100 cancellation fee. We have 7 days to decide if we want to cancel but I think it will do nicely for the playroom.

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