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Red leather sofa - yay or nay?

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lechatnoir · 02/01/2010 23:52

We've seen a red leather corner sofa we really love but are worried that (a) we've both gone completely gaga with all the christmas booze and it's actually monstrous (b) it will look totally dated within about 10 minutes and/or (c) great in a massive warehouse/showroom but just wrong in a modern 60's house.

Would you? Any thoughts much appreciated however candid


ps in case you're wondering it's this one

OP posts:
Heqet · 02/01/2010 23:54

When you said red leather sofa, I shuddered but having clicked, it doesn't actually look that bad. With the right room, décor, other would look ok I think.

itchyandscratchy · 02/01/2010 23:56

Blimey it's massive! If you've got huge open plan 60s style house it would look kind of retro cool. It's not a plasticky red which would not be nice...

But leather sofas do date, imho. I got rid of my leather sofas in the summer and am much happier with chenille squashy sofas instead. But that's just my opinion.

If your front room is average/small size then I'd probably say no.

snice · 02/01/2010 23:57

It looks better than it sounded in your Op tbh. I recommend measuring out the size of it on the floor with sheets of newspaper so you can get a feel for how much it will dominate the room

lechatnoir · 02/01/2010 23:58

here this will make you shudder

OP posts:
snice · 02/01/2010 23:59

thats exactly what I was imagining!

displayuntiltwelfthnight · 02/01/2010 23:59

doesn't actually look as bad as the words "red leather sofa" suggests but I still say nay because I think after a while you might get sick of having something so dominating in colour in your home
leather sofas usually only stay timeless if brown leather and not fussy or overly styled IMO

lechatnoir · 03/01/2010 00:05

Should also add that the one shown is a 4 seater corner & we are looking at a 3 seater corner so not quite so vast although reading your comments I'm thinking we should maybe consider something a bit less

OP posts:
brimfull · 03/01/2010 00:07

god I love it!

would def suit a 60's home I think

FiveSoloRings · 03/01/2010 00:16

You'd likely want to change it quickly though as you will be quite limited as to what décor you have.
I have a black leather suite which is almost 17 years old and I can put any colour on the walls/cushions/curtains etc...

GrendelsMum · 03/01/2010 09:48

If dark red's your favourite colour, and the sofa wouldn't dominate the room too much (I like the idea of measuring it out in newspaper or cardboard boxes on the floor), then go for it! I think that if you really like the colour and have done for a long time, you probably won't go off it, and will be happy to have decor which always incorporates dark red at the heart of it.

But I wouldn't go for the end bit shown there with no back - I do think they date, and I've never worked out what they're for.

FiveSoloRings · 03/01/2010 14:34

Isn't it a chaise longue Grendelsmum? can also be used for putting a tray on etc, foot stool...

TheRedQueen · 03/01/2010 14:41

I love it too and think it would look fab in a 60s home.

GrendelsMum · 03/01/2010 15:04

No, if you try them out, they don't work as a footstool in the same way as a chaise longue, because most people can't sit with their back against one end and put their feet up on them - the distance is too long. And if you put a tray on them and someone drops themself heavily onto the sofa next to it, in the way that heavy DPs and bouncy DCs do, the tray wobbles horribly and wine glasses fall over.

Can you tell the ILs have one!

HerHonesty · 03/01/2010 16:27

actually, when i read this post i thought OMG and then when i looked at it i thought, that actually is qutie nice.

BUT. its a very large piece of furniture which will define everything else in the room - so you have to be absolutely sure you love it and will for quite some years.

HerHonesty · 03/01/2010 16:30

sorry. "quite", of course. also i agree with GM. cant get my head round the craze for corner sofas the corner bit/chaiselongue/footstool doesnt seem to work. why not just get a chaise and a foot stoll..

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