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Our house is filthy, disgusting and grimey - tell me about one off cleaning companies

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dilemma456 · 01/01/2010 17:10

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
BigBadMummy · 01/01/2010 17:18

A cleaning firm would take this on.

Google cleaning companies in your area, or look them up on

You could try franchises such as Poppies or Molly Maid but to be honest they dont do a good enough job in these instances in my experience. They are great at the domestic stuff but I see this as deeper than domestic.

What it costs depends on what you want done.

Do you want carpets / windows / skirting boards etc.

How many rooms. How many bathrooms.

I wouldn't consider getting any cleaning done until the building work is finished as dust will get everywhere and will undo the hard work.

I would think it will be between £200 and £400

I run a property management company so depending on where you are I may have contacts for you?

dobby2001 · 01/01/2010 17:21

yes a cleaning company would do it but price would depend on local market. I would recommend sugar soap for greasy griome removal - get in in granular form and mix with hot water ion a bucket. you can buy cheaply in most household or diy stores. wear rubber gloves though as your hands will be super dried out by the stuff - its what pubs use to get all the grease and nicotine off the walls its also used to prep before repainting so very very good at cutting through most nasties.

lemon or vinegar for the glass and mirrors and get a firm to do the oven.

oh steam cleaners are also good but personally if it is very bad get a company in

NathanBarley · 01/01/2010 17:30

are you keeping cooker and dishwasher then?

aoifesmama · 01/01/2010 17:33

my DH runs a company that does one off house clean moves in London and the surrounding areas. His charges start at approx £8.50 per hour including chemicals and machines and are agreed in advance. If that's any use his email is [email protected]

dilemma456 · 01/01/2010 17:40

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 01/01/2010 17:52

I forget how much I paid recently to have our hovel decluttered and deep cleaned, think it was about £250 for 3 or 4 rooms

thereafter it is only about £40 a time for them to muck us out and sort of sluice the place down and keep it ticking over

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