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fabric for blinds?

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snhall · 30/12/2009 20:17

Can anyone point me in the right direction for fabric suppliers? I need to get some blinds made up for my new kitchen. I like Cath Kidson but the old discontinued stuff - antique rose etc - nothing currently is quite right. Laura Ashley seems very old and dull. I don't know anyone else! Ikea fabric I know some people won't work with as not great quality.


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EatingSwansHorror · 30/12/2009 20:29

Globaltex do some nice stuff...

NickeeS · 30/12/2009 20:29

Do you have a Dunelm Mill near you they have lovely fabrics. Or John Lewis ?

CarrotForKing · 31/12/2009 08:23

I second Globaltex, they have some Cath Kidston-esq polka dots and tilly is a floral print of theirs that I like. You can get some old cath kidston stuff on ebay, just keep and eye out - I want some Ottoman Rose Blue but no luck yet!

snhall · 31/12/2009 21:47

thanks all, keeping an eye on eBay, but in the meantime will check out Globaltex...

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chewitt · 31/12/2009 22:12

laura ashley - got a sale on now too

Caerphillapillar · 01/01/2010 18:16

A friend recommended this website. Lovely, lovely stuff. here

snhall · 01/01/2010 21:44

oooh - like that, off to have a proper look...

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CybilsDrivel · 01/01/2010 21:49

I ahve never had a problem with IKEA fabric and some of their ticking stripe stuff is great

midnightexpress · 01/01/2010 21:52

I agree re Ikea. I have made blinds with their fabrics before and never had any problems. And dit is sooooo cheap.

Ian Mankin also good for ticking stripes, but pricier.

TheHappyCat · 01/01/2010 22:09

Jane Churchill

All have decent websites and the quality is excellent.

noddyholder · 02/01/2010 09:28

Osborne and Little and Designers Guild are expensive but you can get them on ebay and are gorgeous colours

snhall · 02/01/2010 22:06

thanks everyone! - so much choice! Off to do some internet searching and request some samples. I do really like Ikea - its just last time I took some to a shop and asked them to make it up they said they wouldn't work with it. Maybe they just didn't like the look of me

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