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Tiling ideas for a tiny bathroom

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somethinganything · 29/12/2009 12:56

It's really small with a sloped roof at one side (part of loft conversion). Chosen a bathroom suite: v traditional, edwardian style compact sink with stand underneath for toiletries etc - that will be recessed. Then there'll be a small, prob 1500mm bath, with shower attachment, again traditional in style. And a slimline loo. Want to tile the walls and the floor. I'm thinking probably a neutral colour, perhaps with a little reddish mosaic around the middle, or the occasional red tile amongst white/off-white/cream ones - would that work? Know any good websites for inspiration? And what colour tiles for the flooring?

Basically, I'm trying to make as much of the tiny space as possible without it being dull. There was also talk of a mirror running along the side of the bath to create the illusion of more space - would that be weird?

Thanking you MN

OP posts:
SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 12:59

We ended up using wet board around the shower area and painting the rest our only bathroom is 1500 x 2200 though

AitchTwoOhOneOh · 29/12/2009 13:05

have a mahoosive mirror,can you do one along the whole wall behind the sink? i don't like those peppered bits of colour, personally, and i'd keep things white and use accessories for colour. if you run the floor tiling up the side of the bath (this is nice with slate) and a little around the edges of the room, it gives the impression of a bigger floor. some people favour small tiles in a small bathroom, i think the opposite, huge tiles, if not wetboards. if not wetboards then don't tile past the shoulder, leave it plastered and put colour on with paint. sometimes imo all-tiled bathrooms look like cells.

somethinganything · 29/12/2009 13:16

Thanks, both - sorry to be dense but what is a wetboard?

And with the running the floor tiling up the side of the bath, say I was to go for a grey slate, large tile, that could be run up the side of the bath? And 1 deep at the base of the walls.

RE the mirror - the sink is pretty narrow - 510mm width, 305 depth, so actually the wall behind it isn't that big.

Also, what is the 'shoulder? The reason we were going for all tiled is because there's so little wall space in their that if you tiled any of it, the remaining bits might look a bit odd. But very much open to alternative suggestions

OP posts:
AitchTwoOhOneOh · 29/12/2009 13:44

shoulder is just shoulder height. we've got a pretty cramped bathroom and decided to leave everything above about four and a half feet painted as we thought the tiled walls might close in on us a bit. it depends on the room, of course.
wetboard is like one mahoosive tile that you put in your shower, you can do out a wall with it though if your bath is the shower.
we have a greeny grey slate, big white matte brick tiles and at the mo f&b elephant's breath (arf) on the painted walls, but one wall is covered with a laaaaarge mirror/splashback behind the sink. it really expands the space well so i'd give serious thought to putting some in your room along the longest wall.
we used the slate to box in the side of the bath and also ran it up the wall like a skirting board. it just makes the floor look more generous than it is.

AitchTwoOhOneOh · 29/12/2009 13:47

oh, and you don't just stop the tiles iykwim, you run a little bit of beading across the top of it, so it doesn't look weird. might be nice tbh with an edwardian bathroom, you know, kinda like a cloakroom dado rail type thing. ( am NOT advocating general use of dado rails)

somethinganything · 29/12/2009 14:04

Looking again at the plans, we've got v little wall to work with. The bath runs along the length of the longest wall, which is 1520mm. Width is 1306mm and you've got the loo at one end and the recessed sink at the other. So the only wall really is around the bath and next to the toilet. Aitch what do you think of running the mirror along the bath and did you stop that at the shoulder too?

Like the idea of making floor area seem bigger by running tiles up wall - and green slate sounds lovely BTW. but then if we were to introduce paint above the tiles I wonder if there would be too much going on for such a small space.

Did you choose matt tiles rather than shiny/gloss because they felt less oppressive?

OP posts:
AitchTwoOhOneOh · 29/12/2009 14:11

yep, i just thought there might be too much reflection going on (and i knew i couldn't be arsed cleaning them. )
i would have the mirror going up to the ceiling, but i'd consider doing a bit of low tiling at the bath, cos otherwise the splashes are going to drive you nuts. it's hard to say, though, without seeing the room. if you've got a nice plain white til down low and around the bath, then mirror, i think that would be better.

SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 14:12

Do you live in a hard or soft water area?

My only thought is that mirror would show all the water marks, but I wet blade my shower cubicle every day after my shower......If water marks are going to be an issue then I'd wet board. Have you gone into an idependent showroom and looked in catalogues/brochures some good ideas in those IMO

If water marks not an issue I'd use mirror along both walls with the bath on and then emulsion the rest presumably white as the ceiling will be white?

We did the floor grey slate with the bit up the wall too.

AitchTwoOhOneOh · 29/12/2009 14:12

hang on, i'm saying i'd have it up to the ceiling only if it's a fairly low ceiling. ours is, and before the bathroom was put in it looked like a prison cell. some halogens and a big mirror sorted it out.

SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 14:15

selling point for wet board IMO was no grout to clean!

navyeyelasH · 29/12/2009 14:24

inspiration here perhaps

HerHonesty · 29/12/2009 14:27

i think in a small bathroom tiles prob best to go all the way up the wall. sounds terrible dull but have you thought about just white tiles - good quality ones actually look very nice. we have nice white tiles in one of our bathrooms with a limestone floor which looks lovely(edwardian style suite too)and a farrow and ball browny sandy colour on one wall.

mirror tiles would be weird and would fog up. annoying imho. and good point about limescale.

you could ask your fitter to inset a mirror into the tiles/wall above your sink though, will look cleaner and smoother.

somethinganything · 29/12/2009 14:44

Thanks navy really good site (except for that really annoying bold 2-in-1 pop-up that just wouldn't die!)

Yes, we're in London, water v hard round these parts so yup, I guess that would be an issue with mirrors. But yes, ceiling is low and would be white - there's not a lot of ceiling there, much of it taken up by sloping roof with velux.

BTW, when I google wet board I just keep getting loads of wet rooms. Is a wet board just like a kind of splash back? Do you paint behind it? And is there every any problem with water dripping down behind it? (We've had a few probs with our other bathroom leaking water and damaging the floor below.) The idea of no grout cleaning definitely appeals.

HerHonesty that combination also sounds lovely.

Damn, so much to think about. I'm rubbish at decisions like this.

OP posts:
SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 15:27

Wet board is completely waterproof boards with 10 year guarantee either floor to ceiling or whatever height you want and finished with an alumnium strip.

Will go and have a look see if I can find some one line.....

SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 15:29

Here are some here

not the make we used though - no idea which it was so will keep looking as they had a larger and nicer range, some quite modern stuff

SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 15:32

Here they are

we have black pixels - doesn't show the watermarks, but I do a quick blade down after though.

White pixels is off white, our local independent place had largish samples we were allowed to borrow and tiny ones that you could keep.

navyeyelasH · 29/12/2009 15:46

I really like this sort of style. I personally wouldn't put a mirror by the bath, but mirrors freak me out so that explains that!

When we investigated bathrooms I really like the idea of wet board but didn't like the look of them.

How much natural light does the bathroom get? Any chance of a picture?

somethinganything · 29/12/2009 15:54

Thanks sleighgirl will have a look now.

navy unfortunately not built yet so no pix available! They're drilling above my head as I type. But dimensions are 1500mm by 1300mm more or less, standing room at sink end, loo at other end bath along length of 'long' wall, door opposite. So you walk through the door and see a bath in front of you, a recessed sink to your right and a toilet to your left (sloping ceiling going down to the left from where you are standing with velux above. Much of the ceiling will be taken up by a big velux window though so plenty of natural light.

I know what you mean about mirrors next to a bath - DH's idea actually but when I thought about it, seemed like it might be a good idea for enlarging space

OP posts:
SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 16:11

Are you going to use the shower as a shower or as a bath because that makes a difference as to what you need?

somethinganything · 29/12/2009 16:58

Hmm, I think both actually. It wasn't really practical to put a shower in there because the limited area with sufficient head-height. I'm envisaging having baths in it but using the shower head to shampoo hair, that kind of thing. In-laws are shower people so they'll probably mostly sit in it and shower...

OP posts:
SleighGirl · 29/12/2009 17:25

well if you can't stand up and shower in it then you may get away with the mirror thing as it shouldn't get too splashed IYSWIM

AitchTwoOhOneOh · 29/12/2009 19:17

i would still do come tiling before the mirror (obv this is dependent on the amount of height there) as i wouldn't personally want to sit in the bath and look right at myself.

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