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Is it possible to tart up house, sell it, buy another and move in 4 mths?

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EldonAve · 27/12/2009 19:12

I'm wondering whether we should attempt this or not?
DC3 is due in May and we need more space

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sunburntats · 27/12/2009 19:38

We did it but i wasnt pregnant and we didnt have any reason to was Very very stressful.

You could start things moving by tarting up over the next few weeks and fndng out about estate agents and stuff.

I wouldnt take on the stress if i were you.
Do you want people in and out for veiwings, not tuening up when you are heavily preggers and cant be arsed to even have a shower?

Earlybird · 27/12/2009 20:37

Tart your house up, and put it on the market. When it sells, move to rented for a year. You can then take your time looking for the next place to buy. Means an extra move, but think it would be much less stressful overall.

Fruitbatlings · 27/12/2009 20:38

We tarted our flat up, it was on the market for a whole year We gave up in the end

noddyholder · 27/12/2009 20:41

Do able if you are mad!I am about to do this If not done and dusted by april its all off!

EldonAve · 27/12/2009 20:47

There isn't much tarting up to do but DH doesn't really get time for DIY
Just repainting and possibly new carpet upstairs

Moving to rented would cost too much I think

OP posts:
sunburntats · 27/12/2009 20:50

Go for it then, you can have it on the market and see how you go on.

What about if you move and that needs work, who will do it all? More stress!!!!

howdidthishappenthen · 27/12/2009 20:54

Repainting and new carpets can be done in a week. Budget to get a bloke (or several) in though - not a fun job at the best of times, let alone when pregnant. In the grand scheme of house trading, the labour cost is a bargain, and it gives you a fighting chance of getting it back on the market fast enough to sell in time.

FuriousGeorge · 27/12/2009 22:13

I did this when 7 months pregnant and with an 18 month old in tow.We'd seen the house we wanted and had an offer accepted,but dh had too work every weekend,so it was down to me.I remember laying a path in the garden in a hailstorm,struggling to bend over my bump.We sold it the day it went on the market,to the first viewer,but this was 2005 and things were different then.

We moved in 4 months after putting in the offer,but it was SO stressful,so much so that the day we agreed moving dates I went into labour and had dd2 3 weeks early.We moved in when she was 3 weeks old and that was stressful too.Hefting wardrobes upstairs after just giving birth is not a good idea.

Best of luck!

EldonAve · 28/12/2009 17:33

Thanks everyone

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