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£725 for a Homebuyer Survey??

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pleasechange · 17/12/2009 20:30

I was expecting it to cost £400-£500

Just came off the phone from the mortgage company who said that a basic valuation would be £420 and a homebuyer one £725. These seem ridiculously expensive, no? Property just over £310k.

Am I stuck with using the surveyors they mentioned. Wouldn't save me anything to go elsewhere if they insist on using them for the valuation as I'd have to pay separately for an independent valuation anyway

Any thoughts?

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pleasechange · 17/12/2009 21:28


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thisisyesterday · 17/12/2009 21:30

sounds about right I think. from memory we just had the basic one done which was about £450

THEN, there were problems and they insisted on us having the homebuyers one which was more money

i wish we'd just had that done in the first place 9we did consider it)

Rebeccaj · 17/12/2009 21:56

Ours cost about £900 I think! We had the middle one,think it was the homebuyers..

mrspnut · 18/12/2009 12:49

OMG - ours was £450 for a full survey. The mortgage valuation was £275 and we paid the difference to have the whole shebang done (is a very old house).

pleasechange · 18/12/2009 15:23

there does seem to be quite big variations!
Have now also just found out that I'll be charged £140 because my bank doesn't like the fact that my solicitor is a sole practitioner

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dilemma456 · 18/12/2009 16:34

Message withdrawn

Ladymuck · 18/12/2009 16:41

Get yourself your own surveyor, you may find that it is cheaper.

PfftTheMagicDragon · 18/12/2009 16:44

Ours was about £700. And then they only did the basic one by mistake had to send them out to do another.

Fizzylemonade · 18/12/2009 23:19

£700 for 4 bed. We are in Yorkshire. I thought it was £400 too!

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