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if buying / selling how efficient have you found your solicitor?

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dilemma456 · 10/12/2009 20:48

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 10/12/2009 20:50

ours were great. sadly our sellers were dire

ampere · 11/12/2009 15:09

Ours were rubbish as well. I had to send almost threatening letters to the solicitors WE were paying to get them to do any work at all, or to let us know where we stood. Total rubbish.

purplehat · 11/12/2009 15:18

My solicitor was fantastic- prompt, honest, excellent at keeping me informed and she was just so nice and pleasant to deal with.

Oh and she charged a lot less than most of the others quoted me.

TheCrackFox · 11/12/2009 15:29

Ours was brilliant. TBH she was so efficient she was ever so slightly scary.

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