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gas cooker, do we need a Corgi gas fitter?

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AlliwantforXmasisMcnultysbum · 09/12/2009 19:53

We want to get a new gas cooker to replace old knacered one..., can we install it ourselves or do we need a Corgi gas fitter in which case how much should I expect to be charged?

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 09/12/2009 21:28

yes, technically you do need to have it installed by a corgi gas fitter

no idea on price tyhough

Ivykaty44 · 09/12/2009 21:30

when you buy new gas cooker - ask in the shop and bargin on the price of the cooker?

navyeyelasH · 13/12/2009 16:32

I thnk it's called gas safe now not corgi?

Fayrazzled · 13/12/2009 17:24

You do need a registered gas fitter, yes. We had a dual fuel range cooker fitted last year and it cost £100; it would have been £50 for a regular cooker- it was just the range was so heavy it needed two men. All the pipework was in plce- it just needed connecting up.

alypaly · 16/12/2009 00:36

navyeyelash is right ,they are called gas safe register and have to carry a card with a registration

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