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Emulsion paint - advice sought

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skymoo · 06/12/2009 13:59

'we' are currently painting the lounge/diner with Johnston's paint and it appears to be shite! We are painting over a magnolia-ish colour with 'china clay' and it looks like it would need three coats at least

We could change to another paint brand, and do the rest of the room in that (as only the diner done so far)- any recommendations would be welcome

Apologies if this has been done before but we will have to dash out before the shops close and I don't have time to faff about

Cheers in advance

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skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:13


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noddyholder · 06/12/2009 14:18

What colour is china clay?I am not keen on johnstones tbh farrow and ball better for pigment depth and in developments I wlways find dulux gives good coverage.I also like dare I admit b and q colours everywhere they have a colour called rice paper which is great we painted over purple with it!

CybilLiberty · 06/12/2009 14:22

It sounds daft but are you sure you have stirred the paint really well. I have been caught out before as the coverage gets better as I reach the bottom of the tin and I haven't shaken it all up properly

skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:22

thanks Noddy, china clay is a bit grey-ish - looks like wet cement before it dries (I know!!) Is rice paper beigy?

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CybilLiberty · 06/12/2009 14:23

I think f and b is rubbish coverage. that's why i get copy f and b made up

skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:24

Thanks Cybil - Well, it isn't me doing the stirring - and I DID think that, but dp assures me it is stirred well!

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skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:24

what is copy farrow & ball?

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noddyholder · 06/12/2009 14:26

You can get a colour mixer to do f and b in their own brand.I have a grey in my living room Dulux dusted moss very good cover

skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:27

Thanks, will look at that

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CybilLiberty · 06/12/2009 14:29

yes just take colour chart in and they copy it...makes me wonder why anyone would pay twice the price just for the name

skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:30

is that in homebase'b&q?

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skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:36

or b&q doh!

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noddyholder · 06/12/2009 14:37

You can use the washed out f and b tins as lovely plant pots

skymoo · 06/12/2009 14:38

I'll be wearing one on my head soon, if I don't go and get some decent paint!

OP posts:
CybilLiberty · 06/12/2009 14:39

I get mine from a paint merchant on an industrial estate.

kitsmummy · 06/12/2009 17:59

I always think F&B has great coverage, I'm always amazed when people say it's shite. We've done at least 8 rooms in it and it never needs more than 2 coats

noddyholder · 06/12/2009 18:36

Me too and the colour charts are very true whic is the main reason I use it as I know what I'm getting!

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