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I'd like to recommend my builder in London

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spicemonster · 04/12/2009 21:17

He redecorated and laid wooden floor in my bedroom, and fitted a new kitchen and bathroom (including laying wood flooring and inset ceiling lights in the kitchen).

Despite the fact that my kitchen took him about 3 weeks longer than he estimated (because there was this big ridge running all the way round which he had to compensate for in the layout and he gave me his quote before he knew that) I only paid £200 more than his initial quote

He is really nice and rather handsome but is very rubbish at advertising because he feels like he is begging apparently . There are pics of the kitchen on my profile and can send/post other rooms if you're interested.

I'm in NW6 but he is in SE11 (Kennington) so is happy to travel

I hope this isn't considered advertising - I just found it really hard to find a decent builder and so thought a recommendation might do someone in the same boat a favour.

OP posts:
hester · 04/12/2009 21:19

How do we get hold of this marvel?

Lapsedrunner · 04/12/2009 21:21

Ohhh, I might need a builder in SE11 in Jan, how do I contact him?

Buntytea · 04/12/2009 21:33

Spicemonster that might be very useful to know... does he only do quite big projects? Kitchen looks lovely btw

spicemonster · 04/12/2009 21:34

Oh yes - contact details always helpful!

His email address is ozzy regner @ hotmail . com. Don't want to post his phone number online but happy to send it to you if you CAT me.

OP posts:
spicemonster · 04/12/2009 21:35

I think he'd probably do pretty much anything. It was just that I was having damp proof coursing done in all the rooms so I had to get them all redone at the same time.

OP posts:
Lapsedrunner · 05/12/2009 19:42

Right I have his details stored. I have a flat in SE11 which has been let out almost continuously for the last 10 years. DH gave it a facelift 4 years ago plus it had new carpets & vinyl but I have recently had 2 lots of nightmare tenants and when the latest ones go in January I think it will be time for a major overhaul. I think I'm talking new kitchen, bathroom & flooring....gulp. If you happen to be in contact do mention me!

spicemonster · 06/12/2009 22:35

I will

I can give you his number if you like, just don't want to post it on here. My email address is bailey beyond @ yahoo . co . uk

so if you email me, I'll send it to you and mention you to him so he'll know who you are

OP posts:
MollieO · 06/12/2009 22:41

Kitchen looks lovely. Is the last picture of your builder? He looks a bit young to be working imo

spicemonster · 06/12/2009 22:58

Mollie. He played a very important role as 'helper' I'll have you know

OP posts:
MollieO · 06/12/2009 23:09

Oh, I see - he was the site foreman! I've got one of those. We haven't had any building work since he has been around but he did supervise our landscaper and the neighbour's builders .

MisSalToeKisses · 06/12/2009 23:32

Thanks for the tip, spicemonster. We might need something done early in the new year, and his location is great (we're SE10). Your kitchen looks lovely, btw.

Rangemaster · 21/12/2009 22:09

I would like to recommend my builder/carpenter. He is based in TW11 and is excellent at what he does, he did lots of woodwork for me, building bespoke wardrobes and shelving etc but I am sure he can do anything really. Also not bad looking! lol


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