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What type of person might offer this service?

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BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 07:50

Slightly odd question; we've just completed on a house (hooray!) This will be our family home but because of work commitments, we can't move in for 4 months. We currently live about 2 hours drive from the property. I'm not very happy about leaving it empty with no one checking on it and ideally, I'd like to find someone I can pay to pop round there once a week to forward on mail, air the place out, generally check all is ok. Does anyone know where I might find such a person (I'm also nervous about handing over keys to my beloved house to someone I don't know....)


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nickschick · 02/12/2009 08:09

Could you ask a neighbour??

Im often given peoples keys to do such jobs and water plants etc etc.

BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 08:16

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that we don't know the area or the neighbours yet as we haven't ever lived there. I think it's too much of an imposition to ask someone we don't know and would rather find someone I can pay to do it so that I don't feel like I am imposing.....

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nickschick · 02/12/2009 08:19

I can see its a bit awkward isnt it...what about a local estate agent??

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake · 02/12/2009 08:25

wherabouts is it, maybe a mumsnetter would do it or walks past it every day anyway?

mamalino · 02/12/2009 08:26

Local letting agent? Most offer a caretaking service, should keep your insurers happy too!

BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 08:29

Hmm - hadn't thought about an estate agent. Might give some of them a call today then. It's in the SW20 area of London. Thanks for all the replies.

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ABetaDad · 02/12/2009 08:37

There are 'house sitting services' that are offered through various websites. Usually they use vetted older couples who just fancy living in different parts of the country in other peoples houses for a while but it would have to be furnished.

BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 08:40

Thanks ABetaDad. We explored that option but the terms of our mortgage won't let us rent it out/ put tenants in etc (very annoying because I'd like to do that whilst it sits empty). Plus it is unfurnished and I'm planning on applying for exemption from Council Tax etc on that basis.

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LIZS · 02/12/2009 08:49

Can you find a copy of the parish magazine ? There are often housesitting/gardening services advertised in there or perhaps contact a local organisation like WI

BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 09:30

Thanks for all the excellent suggestions! I'm reliant on the internet to set this up and have been following up every idea. Can't find a parish magazine on line (great idea though). Will keep looking...

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NorbertDentressangle · 02/12/2009 09:42

Could you maybe have a chat with the people you bought the house from as they may be able to recommend a neighbour, or even a friend of theirs that lives nearby, who would be happy to do it.

I'm forever looking after neighbours pets/houses/checking for post etc and would be more than happy to do it for a new neighbour, even if I'd never met them before.

BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 09:44

Wish you were my neighbour Norbert! The people we bought from aren't British and have left the country to return home so that's a dead end too. Just spoke to some local estate agents and they will do it but for 35 pounds a week. Eeeeeek! Can't bring myself to think how much that would add up to for a 15 minute drop in visit.....

OP posts:
NorbertDentressangle · 02/12/2009 09:48

I think my travel costs might be a bit much as I'm in the Midlands

I'm sure there must be house sitting agencies that would just provide someone to check the property rather than actually move in?

Have you tried contacting any and asking them?

spicemonster · 02/12/2009 09:48 do concierge services - sure they (or similar companies) would be able to do what you want.

NorbertDentressangle · 02/12/2009 09:49

or why not post in the MN local bit to see if there are any MNers nearby?

BlameItOnTheBogey · 02/12/2009 09:55

Consider it done look ideal- but their packages start at 275 a month which just seems really steep to pay for someone to check on the property for 15 mins every week. (Or am I being unrealistic about this? Had kind of hoped to pay around 100 pounds maybe?) MN local is a good idea. I guess I had assumed that there would be people who might like a bit of extra cash a month in return for a very small weekly commitment. I'm sure such people do exist but how to find them and how to know they are trust worthy.....

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