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Market towns an hour North ish of London

42 replies

thegrammerpolicesic · 24/11/2009 22:48

Any suggestions for nice ones? no need to be commutable easily by train. Big enough for some restaurants, shops etc.

OP posts:
Lilymaid · 24/11/2009 22:51

Saffron Walden is nice.
(Love your name)

MoChan · 24/11/2009 22:54

I was also going to say Saffron Walden.

thegrammerpolicesic · 24/11/2009 22:54

Why thankyou Lily!
Will look at the location of SW but suspect it might be too far East (should have said Northwest ish).

OP posts:
GrendelsMum · 25/11/2009 11:15

er... Saffron Walden's very nice

verytellytubby · 25/11/2009 22:21

Friends live in Harpenden. It's very nice. St Albans?

weepootle · 25/11/2009 22:36

Hitchin? St Albans is very nice.

thegrammerpolicesic · 25/11/2009 22:53

OK keep the ideas coming.

OP posts:
trefusis · 25/11/2009 23:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

snickersnack · 25/11/2009 23:02

Bishops Stortford. Bit less than an hour away

snickersnack · 25/11/2009 23:02

Though not North West. Berkhamstead?

whooosh · 25/11/2009 23:03

Hitchin is lovely-plenty of kiddy activities plus reatautants/cafes etc.

Ivykaty44 · 25/11/2009 23:06

how fast do you drive?
how many miles north and do you want train routes?

thegrammerpolicesic · 26/11/2009 13:02

Berkhamstead sounds good - might be a bit pricey though?

Ivykate - train not that important. I'd guess Milton Keynes would be as far North as you'd get in an hour from the edge of London?

OP posts:
HouseHuntingNoMore · 26/11/2009 13:23

Hertford! We moved here over 9 years ago & love it

Rubyrubyruby · 26/11/2009 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkteddy · 26/11/2009 13:26

Hitchin has a very good train service into London and nice shops, pubs etc. Hertford has two stations going into London, lovely town centre, pubs and restaurants, great schools. Property more expensive than Hitchin though.

hackneyzoo · 26/11/2009 13:26

Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk, about an hour and a quarter from London on M11/A14

Rubyrubyruby · 26/11/2009 13:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cakeywakey · 26/11/2009 13:29

Hitchin is nice, as is Letchworth Garden City. We had to move a little further out to Bedfordshire because it was cheaper still nice, but not as nice.

MrsJohnDeere · 26/11/2009 13:44

St Albans - close to London, lots of restaurants, good shopping, good schools, but quite pricey. Traffic chaos. We used to live there.

Hitchin (my nearest town) - cheaper than St Albans. Pleasant rather than exciting. Good primary schools, not so good for secondary, no good restuarants imho (we'd go to Cambridge, St A, or London for those), shopping not great. although does have a lovely Waitrose. Lots of nice countryside nearby (at the moment). Lots going on for small children.

Letchworth very close to Hitchin but cheaper and has bigger houses.

thegrammerpolicesic · 26/11/2009 15:56

Sorry Ruby - I know it is the opposite of a market town - I meant that MK would be an hour away/ places beyond that would be out, not that it would be the right place!

OP posts:
Rubyrubyruby · 26/11/2009 16:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brettgirl2 · 27/11/2009 20:14

Warwick, but an hour and a half.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 27/11/2009 20:19

I was going to suggest Bury St Edmunds too.

CantSleepWontSleep · 27/11/2009 20:30

What are your requirements re schooling (ages, sexes, state or private) and restaurants? Hitchin has lots of the Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express type, and one that does great meze, and this for something a bit more special.

Also need to know requirements re house size and rough budget.

Do you want to live right in the town, or in a village nearby? There are lots of lovely villages around Hitchin.

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