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lighting - low energy fittings

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SlightlyFoxed · 22/11/2009 17:58

Need to buy new lights for my kitchen. All the new stuff says it needs SES bulbs (low energy I assume). Does this mean they will only take low energy, or can you use incandescent bulbs too does anyone know?

I would be happy to use low energy bulbs if they didn't look so white/ green and foul. Would like to have the old fashioned option if possible. (I know I deserve a flaming for poor environmental credentials)

OP posts:
Ponders · 22/11/2009 18:15

SES is just the small screw fitting, so it will take any bulbs with that - watch the max wattage allowed though. Ikea have quite a range.

Low energy aren't all greenish - some have a much better colour than others. It's v trial & error though to find one you like.

The industry is working on LED alternatives but atm they all seem to be too blue for me.

SlightlyFoxed · 22/11/2009 18:18

thanks Ponders. do you happen to know which brands of bulb look better please? I hate them - have one in a lampshade, which looks fine through the shade but casts a green glow on the wall behind it. hideous.

OP posts:
Ponders · 22/11/2009 19:03

Some of mine are sort of pinkish - I think they are GE or Philips, but couldn't swear to it.

I have some Tesco ones too but not sure which lamps they're in.

Not much help there, sorry!

GrendelsMum · 23/11/2009 10:16

Some are much better than others - why not buy a couple from different brands and decide which you like best?

GrendelsMum · 23/11/2009 10:16

p.s. I think it probably means only low energy.

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