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gel fire tins

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frazzled74 · 20/11/2009 11:13

i saw these on 60 minute makeover and they looked good, does anyone have them and does anyone know where to buy them from. fancy a fire in my dining room over christmas.

OP posts:
86Pinkle · 31/12/2009 10:48

Hi there, I use gel fire tins in my cast iron fireplace as the chimneys were blocked when a previous owner had the roof re-done. I got my set from

I got a set of 3 tins with refill gel and fake logs (or you can get pebbles) each tin lasts about 8 hours and does give off quiet a bit of heat (well if you're room isn't to big), plus the fake logs crackle which is nice. However the only thing that isn't great is the smell - not too bad but is noticeable - however you can put oils in them like vanilla essence to cover this.

Good luck with them I think they are great!

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