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Has anyone had a go at selling their house privately?

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memoo · 19/11/2009 19:35

DH and I are hoping to sell the house that he lived in before we married. We have previously rented it out but now our finacial situation means we really need to sell.

We are keen to keep cost's down and thought we might have a go at selling it privately but have absolutly no idea where to begin.

Does anyone have any tips or advice about websites etc

tia x

OP posts:
cece · 19/11/2009 21:30

We sold ours to a friend of a friend of a friend. So didn't get involved in the advertising. However, we did have to negotiate the price with the buyers.

Basically we had had some valuations from estate agents and over the course of a few phone calls we reached an agreeable price to both us and them.

Then it is just a case of instructing the solicitors. They tell you what info you need to get from the buyers - things like names, adresses, DOB etc. After that it goes through pretty much as normal except you need to keep up the lines of communication between you and your buyers and the solicitors.

TBH we had quite a few problems and me and the wife of our buyers managed to sort it all out pretty easily between us!

Fizzylemonade · 19/11/2009 21:47

memoo, I have just sold my house through the only on-line estate agent with a fixed fee.

They sell your house for £400 if you pay the whole amount upfront, (it is slightly more if you pay a smaller amount upfront and then more on completion) and they don't charge any commisson.

They arrange the viewings, get feedback, negotiate with buyers etc the only thing you do is show people round.

They take all your photos, do you a floorplan and virtual tour all for your £400!!!!

My house was on the market 8 weeks.

We got 4 local estate agents to value our house, housenetwork run the details through an AVM (basically gives them an idea of where you should be pitching your house cost wise without them actually coming out and viewing it) they can also do the HIP. I know I paid £683ish in total. They do the HIP on the same day as your photos and 48 hours later your house is on the market.

They advertise on all the major websites.

JandLandG · 20/11/2009 01:07 worked for us back in the good ol' days(!)

and would have worked for us again last year had the idiot buyers not also contacted the estate agents we were with. cost us 3 grand.

hey ho.

they're not on right move though, i dont think.

worth a try for £200

by the way, the above sounds like an ad to me....dunno...

notamumyetbutoneday · 20/11/2009 09:21

Fizzylemonade is a longtime poster, I don't think she is advertising.

blametheparents · 20/11/2009 09:42

We bought a house privately.
Worked well, tho I would say I had to do more running than if there had been an estate agent to deal with.
However it was the house I wanted so I pas prepared to so some legwork

jenniepanda · 20/11/2009 20:42

We're using housenetwork too and have been on the market for a whopping 2.5 years. I can't fault them though, although I'm not sure why we're not selling or even getting any viewers.

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