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Unblocking sink?

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geordieminx · 16/11/2009 16:26

Ok, bit thick..but kitchen sink (both the big sink and the little half sink next to it whatever thats called)

They both have about 3 or 4 inches of water in - how do I do about unblocking - what do I need?

Many Thanks

OP posts:
BlingLoving · 16/11/2009 17:03

You can buy sink unblockers from your local supermarket. You put them in, leave for a bit, and rinse. There are high pressure ones too, but I don't like using those and inevitably land up with dirty water sprayed all over the bathroom/kitchen.

dilemma456 · 16/11/2009 17:06

Message withdrawn

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee · 16/11/2009 17:08

if ours eevr gets blocked its generally fat so i second a boiling kettle of water and a squirt of fairy - then i poke a knitting needle or chopstick down it!

redsofas · 16/11/2009 17:11

i swear to you mr muscle sink and plughole unbloker works everytime!!! pour a good amount down there leave for 5 mins then plunge like crazy!

geordieminx · 16/11/2009 17:30

I have poured a full 1/2 a bottle of the Mr Muscle stuff down there, although nothing appears to be moving... I am on boiling a kettle now too.

Have been out in search of a sinker plunger thingy but cant get one for love nor money... at 5pm on a wet monday with a toddler in tow I lost the will to live pretty quickly...

Am loathed to take the sink apart.... as I know I'll a) get covered in minging water b) end up with a kitchen covered in minging water and c) not be able to get the pipes back together....

Deep Joy

OP posts:
redsofas · 16/11/2009 19:52

dont take it apart!!! i wouldnt anyway, just wait untill the morning then go get a plunger

Thandeka · 16/11/2009 20:03

A good tip for you:
Put the plug in.
Run hot tap on full blast until overflow tap is covered in water too (so lots of water is going down overflow- make sure overflow is submerged not just dribbling through overflow)
Take plug out and let drain.
It should drain a lot faster if not do it again and then repeat following using plunger sink unblockers etc.

My dad taught this to me and it really works. BTW if your sink ever glugs on emptying it means there is possibly a blockage somewhere and forcing water down the overflow can help clear the glugs!

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