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decor ideas for new kitchen

9 replies

LizzyA123 · 16/11/2009 15:04

Hi just having a new kitchen fitted - ivory shaker style doors with black sparkle granite work surfaces, black double tower oven and black ceramic gas hob.

Can't decide on flooring colour, tile colur and emulsion etc.

Current thoughts:-

1)a mix of raspberry/plum tiles and cream tiles with a dark slate effect floor and a raspberry/plum or cream emulsion.

2) As above but substitute terracotta for raspberry/plum.

3) Either of above with a lighter floor

4) substitute green for raspberry/plum.


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LordVetinarisApprentice · 16/11/2009 15:56

I would go for raspberry tiles (not mixed with cream ones), cream emulsion with dark slate floor. I like the tiles that are a brick style like these but not from here, their prices are ridiculous!) rather than square or glass instead of tiles [[ like this
(well you did ask)

LordVetinarisApprentice · 16/11/2009 15:58

oops, buggered up second link this is it

A mumsnetter who is often on property (can't remember who...damn candy floss brain) has lovely green brick style tiles...hopefully she will be here soon, they would be a great alternative to the raspberry and might keep things lighter on reflection.

cece · 16/11/2009 21:15

Oh I have green brick tiles in my kitchen. Pictures in profile

LizzyA123 · 16/11/2009 21:32

Thanks guys,

any more suggestions very much appreciated.

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LordVetinarisApprentice · 17/11/2009 07:32

Ah! It's you cece! Couldn't see tiles in pics though?
Can I ask, how long is your breakfasty bar bit?

Jacaqueen · 17/11/2009 10:02

I wouldn't have tiles. Just extend the black granite up the wall by a couple of inches then use a wipeable kitchen paint.

Raspberry sound nice but if you didn't like it then it's relatively easy to re paint.

I do like a rustic looking slate floor.

cece · 17/11/2009 19:45

Oh ! Have some newer photos, will add them to my profile later.

Breakfast bar is 2.4 metres I think from memory.

cece · 17/11/2009 21:57

New photos that show the tiles now on profile

LizzyA123 · 17/11/2009 23:12

cece love the pic's,

will try and post some of my own when done.

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