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Fruitbatlings · 08/11/2009 07:59

We're in Colliers Wood at the moment in a tiny two bed flat. We'd really like a two/three bed house but have a very limited budget - maximum £220,000.
What is Sutton really like?
I mentioned it to my sister who looked horrified and said I'd get stabbed living there I have a very good friend (an MNer ) who lives there and really likes it.
DH has vetoed it completely and won't even discuss it
I'm a Childminder and have two DC's of my own. Is it good for children? What are the schools like?

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Fruitbatlings · 08/11/2009 08:01

Forgot to mention, DH works in Soho so would need very good transport links

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EyeballsintheSky · 08/11/2009 08:18

Like anywhere Sutton has good areas and not so good areas. You're pretty unlikely to get stabbed unless you plan on joining a gang!

Transport links are good. Trains to London Bridge and Victoria. Also to Wimbledon for Waterloo. Good few shops and Kingston and the big ones at Croydon are near enough if you want more. Ikea is a hop and a skip away

Houses vary from standard fare to bloody great big ones so take your pick. Not sure about schools if that's a concern. I lived down the road in Cheam Village but had no dc so took no notice.

Fruitbatlings · 08/11/2009 08:41

Thanks Eyeballs Which are the areas to avoid?

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lottie18 · 21/11/2009 00:43

hi sutton fine i lived here now for a few years. But to be honest with the price range u looking with ex-council houses(rosehilletc) u prob be what u can afford even in sutton so they not so nice areas but ok.
carshalton beeches/south sutton/south cheam/
best areas but looking way over budget unless u get steal[OR GO FOR SMALL 2BED CHEEK OFFER}.
so look maybe around central sutton{can get 2/3bed victorian cottages/north cheam{maybe hse that needs doing up /just around carshalton village.
sutton has much better primary schools than merton/wandsworth/lambeth does well on league tables etc
To be honest colliers wood pretty ropey coz its not wimbledon. i come from tooting and i wouldnt move back there also i have mates moving out from clapham/balham coz so rough and kids cant get in decent primary. SW postcode not so good now days.all the best

toja555 · 26/11/2009 16:12

Hey, I am trying to promote my side ? South Norwood SE25. Your budget is good for 2/3 bedroom houses here. Excellent commuting links with L.Bridge and Victoria. There is quite a number Ofsted ?2? rated schools, I don?t know if it is good enough for you. East London Line is coming soon which hopefully will increase the value of surrounding properties. I bought my Victorian large 2 bedroom for 190k, for your reference. And we have a lack of childminders here!

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