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Does anyone have a bedroom where there is just space for the bed and a small bedside table each side?

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IlanaK · 25/10/2009 21:38

We are moving soon and refurbishing. We want to put an ensuite in our new bedroom. This would leave us with just enough space along one wall to have our superkingsized bed and a very small bedside table each side. On the wall opposite the bed are built in wardrobes.

The bedroom we are in currently is similar - on one side of the bed there is only room for the bedside table, but on the other side there is the bedside table and them about the same amount of space again. So the new room would be smaller.

Does anyone else have this and how do you find it? We don't spend a lot of time in our room (except for sleeping) and the ensuite is quite important to us so it feels right to do this, but I am wondering if we would find it claustophobic after a while.

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 25/10/2009 21:41

ooh where have you ended up finding somewhere (don't worry if you don't want to reveal)?

a small room is fine but it will take you time to get used to if your room is larger now - I imagine having the ensuite will make it feel larger anyway (than a room without one iyswim)

IlanaK · 25/10/2009 21:44

We are buying a place between Queens Park and Kilburn Park. Maisonette (lower ground and upper ground)with a 50ft garden. Only one flat above and we would own the freehold for the whole building. I am quite excited!

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 25/10/2009 21:44

how much space is there at the foot of the bed to get dressed etc?

Our bedroom is long and narrow so widthways there is only room for bed & tables as you say, but there is a good [peers] 8ft between the foot of the bed and the wardrobes, so enough room to put your trousers on without clouting your ankles, and for a dressing table for me and a chest of drawers for dh so we have somewhere to leave hairbrushes etc

Without that space it would be horribly claustrophobic and there'd be nowhere to put half-worn clotehs etc

BaDaBing · 25/10/2009 21:45

I have this, and it honestly doesn't bother me. Still plenty of room to sleep, get dressed, do hair etc. Would love a huge bedroom, but not at the expense of an ensuite!

purpleturtle · 25/10/2009 21:48

We have crammed our KS bed and bedside tables into a small bedroom. We have a large chest of drawers - which we can just open, and then about 8 inches round the end of the bed. It is extremely tight, and our hanging clothes are split between wardrobes in the other bedrooms. It works, just.

However, we've only been in the house 4 months, which may not be long enough to develop claustrophobia - and we know we won't be here longer than 4 years, which also helps.

fluffles · 25/10/2009 21:48

we have this and it drives me crazy.. nowhere to even put down a bag or pile of laundry except on the bed...

having said that, we have lived with it for two years but it's on the list for our next house to have a bit more space.

choosyfloosy · 25/10/2009 21:50

we have a bed, two small bedside tables and enough space to open the door. TBH I would not choose to have an ensuite in this sort of size bathroom but I know I'm unusual. I would consider a 70s basin-only arrangement, or a table with a basin and ewer

IlanaK · 25/10/2009 21:53

There is 2 and a half feet at the foot of the bed, but this is about what we have now. I regularly stand in that space to get dressed.

OP posts:
IlanaK · 25/10/2009 21:55

choosyfloosy, the ensuite would be extra to the space described. If we don't have the ensuite, the bedroom would be bigger.

Basically, the maisonette has no upstairs bathroom. We are putting one in. We can do it as an ensuite to our room and make our room smaller, or we can take a chunk of space out of ds1 and ds2's room (they share a massive room) which i am loathe to do. We don't spend much time in our room and they play in theirs loads.

OP posts:
CarGirl · 25/10/2009 22:01

Can we have a floorplan layout to see if their are option you haven't considered?

choosyfloosy · 25/10/2009 22:07

I guess what I meant was that we currently have a bit more space than you describe as being the post-ensuite layout, and I would really see the amount we have as the minimum I would be happy with. I must say though, we really struggle even more with the lack of circulation space - there is a tiny square flat space at the top of the stairs, which is just outside our door and ds's door, and that's it. If you have a lovely roomy landing outside your bedroom door, a cosier bedroom wouldn't matter.

CarGirl · 25/10/2009 22:09

what are you putting in your ensuite? Just a loo, shower & basin? Are you sure you have the most space efficient layout for the en suite?

IlanaK · 25/10/2009 22:20

There is a floor plan on my profile.

We are planning to put the ensuite into the bedroom that currently has built in wardrobes. The ensuite would be on the wall dividing that bedroom from the large front bedroom, replacing that built in wardrobe. There would be a sliding pocket door in the middle of the rectangle shaped ensuite with a shower at one end and a toilet at the other with a sink in the middle.

We really have looked at every possible option for this and I think that having less space ourselves is better than any of the kids having less space in their bedrooms.

OP posts:
HouseHunting · 25/10/2009 22:25

I think it will be fine, as you have said you will have the same amount of space at the bottom of the ed as you do now. We viewed a house where the bedroom was similar as you have described at it felt fine. Good luck with the move

CarGirl · 25/10/2009 22:27

I really can't see many other options although I wonder about taking a corner of the boys room to have a WC with door onto hallway and having the shower room in your bedroom?

I'm just thinking of the reality of having 3 dc traipsing into your room doing a poo/throwing up etc etc etc

IlanaK · 25/10/2009 22:47

No children allowed We have an ensuite now and the children do not use it. However, we are in a flat so they don't have to go downstairs. No throwing up in 8 years (touch wood) so I think we can't plan a house around that! We would let them use it if necessary of course, but as a general thing they could go downstairs.

OP posts:
ItsAllaBitNoisy · 25/10/2009 22:56

They are not allowed in your bathroom?

bloss · 25/10/2009 23:03

Message withdrawn

IlanaK · 26/10/2009 20:04

It's definately about the best solution for us, not about resale. We hope to buy the flat above at some point in the future and turn in back into a house.

OP posts:
oldnewmummy · 27/10/2009 05:25

Why don't you have the front bedroom and put the ensuite in there, and give the kids the back bedrooms?

NancyBotwin · 27/10/2009 08:49

Yes I would do what oldnewmummy suggested - or else turn the third bedroom into a bathroom that everyone can use - or do you have a third dc that needs that room?

skymoo · 27/10/2009 09:01

Our bedroom is long and thin up one end, no window - had the king size bed up and took it down so now on mattress! even with that only enough room for one bedside table. It drives me absolutely mental, as I have to step onto the 'bed' to plug hoover in, never looks nice - and when I lay in bed and look up I think tube train carriage - as that's the shape of it...grrrrr

ideal as a teenagers room but HL won't have it as it has the best view, so madam (dd) is in a big double room and we are squished in the 'best' (!) room

VerityBrulee · 27/10/2009 10:00

We have a bedroom of that size, it's quite cosy

The key thing for me is that it is all decorated in shades of white and pale cream, which makes a big difference to the feel of the room, colours would make it feel claustraphobic I think.

Great that you have found a place at long last!

thedollshouse · 27/10/2009 10:04

It sounds like our bedroom (we don't have an ensuite though), we make do, would be nice to have more space.

Agree with Verity about the colour scheme, ours is painted white with white linen, before we decorated it felt a lot more claustophobic.

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