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Can anyone recommend a company to install plantation blinds?

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HeadFairy · 22/10/2009 14:39

We're in east Surrey.....


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Sunshinemummified · 22/10/2009 14:54

We used New England Shutter Company. They were really good. We're in South West London but I'm sure they can do them anywhere. We originally got them through John Lewis but went to them direct for the last lot.

HeadFairy · 22/10/2009 15:07

Thanks... were they expensive? We've got a 2.12m wide window in our living room (with two smaller side panels of about 40cm each - it's a square bay window) and I want to put cafe style shutters on them (ie just lower half of the window)

OP posts:
Sunshinemummified · 22/10/2009 15:13

In our bedroom we put cafe style shutters. We have two windows about 200cm wide and the shutters cost around £750.

HeadFairy · 22/10/2009 15:29

Ouch, that's more than I thought, but then I suppose if you get some decent lined full length curtains for a window that sort of size it can easily come to more than that, so I guess I'll have to start saving!

OP posts:
Sunshinemummified · 22/10/2009 15:42

It might be worth having a look at some other companies to see if you can find some cheaper but I was happy with NESC.

BicycleBelle · 22/10/2009 23:14

We just used Shutterly Fabulous, based in Brighton, and are really delighted with their work. Stuck to their promises, delivered on time, very pleasant people. We paid around £500 for two windows, but obviously the price depends on the size of window. They also have a sister company that will make the shutters to your measurements and for you to fit, and its therefore cheaper. Their website is

Doozle · 22/10/2009 23:22

We also used Shutterly Fabulous and were very happy with them.

I don't recommend Hillarys as they were a nightmare.

bibbitybobbitycat · 22/10/2009 23:24

Are you sure you want plantation blinds? They look all wrong on Victorian property imvho.

BicycleBelle · 22/10/2009 23:26

Why? Shutters were very common in the Victorian era.

HeadFairy · 23/10/2009 11:51

Thank, I'll check out shutterly fabulous too, if only because I really like their name

My sisters Vic house has plantation blinds and they look really nice. I can't stand nets of any sort, I could get some sheers I suppose, but they get so grubby so quickly when shutters just need a wipe down.

OP posts:
stakethroughtheheartofgold · 23/10/2009 12:04

we have frosting film on our bottom halves as i don't like nets either. lets in loads of light and cheaper than shutters.

HeadFairy · 23/10/2009 12:15

Did you have it properly applied? I've seen some that was all bubbly and a mess, but I've seen some people with very nice etched glass although that might be a bit permanent for us... I thought at least with shutters we can open them if we want them open.

OP posts:
stakethroughtheheartofgold · 23/10/2009 12:46

obviously depends on your situation - we front onto the street with just a small yard so would never want to go without. i did the application which was a pita but i don't think i did too bad a job - the ones with designs all over are easier to remove the bubbles from than ones that are mostly plain fwiw.

DemonBradleySlaysPippi · 23/10/2009 12:54

I was going to use Shutterly Fabulous too. They were fantastic. Didn't use them because we changed our mind as unfortunately shutters were not right for our house.

Sunshinemummified · 23/10/2009 14:08

I have some of the film on some of our windows too and it looks really nice. Mine has designs in and was from Brume

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