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Replacing part of garden wall, and need a bit of advice...

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Alva · 18/10/2009 15:29

Have just bought a house, and I am about to build an extension onto it (have planning permission for this). The extension isn't close enough to next door to need a party wall award, but the existing brick garden wall between our gardens (which is ours) will need to come down and be rebuilt as a result of our building foundations for the extension.

I am suddenly wondering if I do need a party wall agreement for the wall. Can anyone advise? And does anyone know my other obligations with regard to next door's garden would be - e.g. how much replacing of plants etc will I need to do? I want to do as much as I can just out of neighbourliness, but it would be good to know my obligations, too!

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AvengingGerbil · 18/10/2009 15:44

Most important thing to find out is whose wall it is. Most houses own the wall on one side but not the other. If it is not your wall, you will have much bigger problems than if it is yours.

AvengingGerbil · 18/10/2009 15:46

That is, garden walls, not the internal structure of the house walls. Obviously house walls are party walls if they are holding each other up.

Alva · 18/10/2009 15:52

Hello AvengingGerbil (great name!) - it is our wall, thank goodness. Really hoping this means we can just replace the wall, obviously being as considerate as possible...

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