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Do you struggle with 'style' in your home decorating? Is your house/garden a mishmash?! Does it irritate you?!

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ampere · 14/10/2009 18:55

We're moving into a house in 4 weeks after 6 years of renting in the UK. We owned before but in tropical Oz where the style was all Mediterranean/clean/modern/blond wood/simple lines and tropical gardens around the POOL!- but here...well, the house is a standard 4 bedroom estate house in Hants, 10 years old. The walls are white, the floor (downstairs) is all reddish brown laminate, the general theme is neutral bordering on 'we don't know what to do with it so we painted it white and left it'.. which is fine BUT I cannot decide on a theme/colour scheme at all!

Our furniture arrived from Oz a couple of months ago and is in storage, mainly cos we knew we were moving again. It's all Ikea'esque and BIG (much larger rooms in Oz!). I'm happy enough with it BUT the other 'touches' are all a bit quirky- a quirkiness I think I may have outgrown, like 18" high gold buddhas and SE Asian wall hangings. We had some seriously non-matching stuff there, too (given by the in-laws who favour whimsy and country cottage...) but the house was big enough to absorb each themed area.

But I can't for the life of me decide how to theme this new house! I see loads of stuff that I think looks great but there's zero coherence in it! I can't even decide on the colours! In Oz we did blue (the sofa which may need recovering now!), ochre, & yellow but I now err towards teal/chocolate brown/pale cream but not its contrast, cerise!

We want to re-front the kitchen and work tops as well but at least I have an idea about that (plain beech fronts and dark speckled granite-look tops: Homebase!). We also need new light shades/fittings which will set the tone of the room/s, esp the dining and living rooms, as in a chandelier speaks of one sort of style, industrial down-lighters another, iyswim.

Do YOU look at your house and see jarring mishmash or did you sit down one day and PLAN?

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Bumperlicioso · 14/10/2009 19:22

Watching this thread as my house is a mishmash. We don't have a particular style (also we rent which doesn't help) and our furniture is all begged, borrowed and stolen or dead cheap. Would like a style but not sure I could commit to one.

CybilLiberty · 14/10/2009 19:25

I think white walls, darkinh floors (which you have, albeit laminate) with splashes of colour in the form of a bright velvet sofa, or a fab huge painting on the wall look great.

A buddha could work realy well with an eclectic mix of a chndelier, an old rug, some funky cushions etc.

Don't try and make it too matchy...sounds like what you ahve brought back from Oz could look great.

GentleOtter · 14/10/2009 19:25

Pick -n- mix house here and I daydream plan all the time on how dream house will be.

I think the BBC or Channel 4 have a website where you can pick colours/ plan rooms etc.

CybilLiberty · 14/10/2009 19:26

Look this is Reece Witherspoons house which I love, all white with splashes of colour

CybilLiberty · 14/10/2009 19:28

if my house was like this I would be so happy

HouseHunting · 14/10/2009 20:50

I have the same fears! We are moving from a 2 bed cottage into a 4 bed house & I am already feeling stressed about themes, especially on a limited budget. I saved House to Home that somebody posted about on here a while back. HTH

ampere · 14/10/2009 22:50

Thanks for the link. Yes, I confess to actually feeling a bit 'anxious'. I kind of feel we have one chance to get this right as in main theme ideas and colours and I'm scared of ballsing it up!

I'll post the EA link to the house tomorrow so you can chuck your ideas at me!

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