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Powerflush of hot water system - worth it or British gas money spinner?

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imoscarsmum · 12/10/2009 11:44

Hot water/heating was not coming on in the evening and not getting hot enough in the morning. We have Homecare cover with British Gas so called them out to fix. Engineer installed new control/timer box, which seems to have done the trick, but he also said alot of our hot water pipes had furred up (copper pipes became magnetised apparently - that's how you can tell) and we should have the system Powerflushed for £595 to remove all the debris. And until we do, our water pipe cover (incl cold water pipes) would not be covered under our policy.

As a born sceptic, I thought this might be a bit of a con/money spinner. Looked on websites/comsumer forums and seen some positive comments and some negative ones.

Anyone got any experience of this sort of thing and can offer advice? If we do get BG to do it, any future powerflushes would be free.

OP posts:
imoscarsmum · 12/10/2009 21:26

Bump - help anyone?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 12/10/2009 21:28

sounds dead suspect to me, ask on DIYNOT if you don't have any luck here.

peggotty · 12/10/2009 21:29

That sounds like a lot of money to have it flushed to me. Does it have to be BG that does it? Might be worth getting some other quotes and asking how often systems have to be flushed usually...

LilRedWG · 12/10/2009 21:29

A local plumber quoted us around £250 a couple of years ago, so maybe worth getting other quotes.

Waswondering · 12/10/2009 21:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

deste · 13/10/2009 20:50

Get a quote from an independant company, British gas are well known for high charges.

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