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Can't see a way out of my housing problem!

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sincitylover · 05/10/2009 17:30

Since split 3 yrs ago (now divorced) have been privately renting a very small house. Wanted to stay in area because wanted to keep stability and schooling for dcs. I do feel that this has helped with fall out from split. Both very settled in school - ds1 is in secondary school now.

I did get some equity but not enough to buy in this area so used it to subsidise the extorniate rent. Well over 1000 per month. And we are at the cheaper end of the market. Living in SE London.

I pay it of course but then find I am struggling to buy food each month, despite becoming a bargain hunter.

I do get maintenance and earn reasonable salary. I don't qualify for hb and get basic tax credit.

I don't think I'd get another mortgage due to age and credit history.

Am on local authority list but will never get social housing as considered adequately housed. Some of my friends pay about 400pcm for similar property and prob on similar income.

I am looking for maybe smaller flat but even they are similar cost.

I think I've investigated every avenue to improve my situation but am posting in desperation in case anyone knows of any other options open to me.

I sometimes wonder if I'd be better off earning less. [hmmm]

Ongoing threat of redundancy plus exh not in his prime. Think I'm up shit creek really.

OP posts:
unavailable · 05/10/2009 17:43

What job do you do? Could you be considered an "essential worker" and therefore elligible for the part rent part buy schemes?

MaggieBehave · 05/10/2009 17:44

Could you take in a foreign language student? that can be about £350 a month. Costs at least £100 though.

expatinscotland · 05/10/2009 17:46

Shared equity housing might work for you. It might not be in your desired area, but it's about the only thing I can see as an option for you.

If you do get made redundant then you will qualify for housing benefit.

sincitylover · 05/10/2009 17:48

Thanks all.

Am public sector but not keyworker.

Expat will look into this. Thx.

No room for foreign lang student unfortunately.

Am going to an exhibition on Sat about below market renting and shared ownership.

OP posts:
goldenpeach · 07/10/2009 20:49

Contact housing associations? They usually build or have nice properties but the waiting list is long. They might also offer only flats, though.

Did this search and there are heaps in your south london cts=1254944934911&aq=f&oq=

sincitylover · 11/10/2009 20:27

hi goldenpeach - all of our housing association rental properties are allocated through our local authority.

One piece of good news (tho I will believe it when I see it) is that I went on and it said I would be entitled to approx #250 per month hb

If this is correct then would help enormously - I have submitted a claim and we'll see.

OP posts:
onadietcokebreak · 11/10/2009 20:36

When did you last claim Housing Benefit? Rules changed in October 08 so that housing benefit no longer that into account maintenance payments so hopefully entitled to is correct.

Fingers crossed.

sincitylover · 11/10/2009 20:42

I have never claimed it - this would be my first time but have put figs into entitled to before so maybe that's it.

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