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Help me find a London wallpaper that isn't £552 per roll!

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PCPlumIsMyHomeboy · 27/09/2009 20:59

For DS's new room, I like this:

But it's a bit expensive, no?

By comparison, this is an absolute snip, but still too expensive:

Any ideas?

OP posts:
MamaVegas · 27/09/2009 21:07

Try Look in themes, not sure if there is a specific London one, but you can order samples for 50p. Good service and lots of choice

bodiddly · 27/09/2009 21:17

Harlequin do a wallpaper that covers loads of different forms of transport and landmarks ie. london double decker buses, ny taxi cabs, hot air balloons, camels, elephants etc .... here

LynetteScavo · 27/09/2009 21:20

I am drooling over that first link.

That wall paper is too georgous! (and too expensive!)

sunburntats · 27/09/2009 21:24

jeez, is that a piss take? surely a printing error???
Do you not have any B&Q stores in LOndon?

MrsBadger · 27/09/2009 21:39

Timorous Beastie's London Toile is £98/m, so we are below the £100 mark now...

this is mcuh cheaper but perhaps too subtle

oh now how is this
aha, UK stockist of same

and this is even better - get two

now we are talking

Horton · 27/09/2009 22:09

Good Christ alive, I thought you were joking about the £552!

frazzled74 · 28/09/2009 09:30

I would put plain wallpaper up and stick on london stickers or cut outs etc, it would be your own bespoke design and would cost 10.99 a roll!I love the wallpaper but its only going to last 2 years before he will outgrow it.

whinegums · 28/09/2009 09:59

I am in shock at £552!!!

I heart Timorous Beasties, but you may find the London Toile is a bit too gritty for DS - take a closer look at the print!!!

I think frazzled has a good idea with the stickers and cut outs, and maybe it's something DS could help you with.

MrsBadger · 28/09/2009 10:38

NB my last four links are to London cutouts / murals to go on plain walls - some ar ace

and I posted the Timorous Beastie one because I love it before I realised it was for a child's room...

when I am rich I will by one roll of it and frame the scenes individually

HerHonesty · 28/09/2009 19:23

the 3 metre panel is beter value... only just

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy · 28/09/2009 20:46

You're all fabulous.

Think we get lots of wall stickers and just hope he and DD don't decide to pick them all off one rainy afternoon.

OP posts:
cathyjacob · 06/05/2010 17:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

scurryfunge · 06/05/2010 17:21

city scape

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