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Should we move to Macclesfield?

26 replies

smurfmother · 09/09/2009 21:27

We're looking to relocate from London and settle somewhere south of Manchester. Dh and I have a two and a half year old ds and hope to have another one next year. Macclesfield seemed nice when we went for a visit. We want to be near family in Cheshire/Lancashire but on a speedy train line back to London. But I'm nervous about committing to Macclesfield without knowing much about it. Any insider info much appreciated

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Lilymaid · 09/09/2009 21:30

Haven't lived in Macclesfield, but have lived nearby. Macc is quite a mixed town with the rich areas of the "Golden Triangle" on one side and the Peak District on the other and is more industrial than the surrounding area. I know that there are good secondary schools in the town but don't know about the primaries.

Doodlez · 09/09/2009 21:40

Not a huge fan of Macc. Blardy rough in places and not all the schools are that good! I'd go for Poynton if i had a chance and it would still fit your train back to London criteria. Wilmslow worth a look too.

ZZMum · 09/09/2009 21:46

agree that Macc is not all that - I moved to Manchester from London 10 years ago and I think Macc would seem quite 1950's in comparison.. would suggest Wilmslow or Didsbury/Chrolton or Heaton's - close enough to Stockport for the 2 hour trains ...

puffylovett · 09/09/2009 22:05

We have a lovely 2 bed house in Mow Cop up for sale, on the staffs / cheshire border 20 mins from Macc...

I second Poynoton and Wilmslow although you will find property is similar to London prices, particularly near Alderley Edge. Although to be honest, my favorite place is Prestbury - very upmarket, gorgeous little village.

Having said that, we're looking to move to Congleton - still in Cheshire, on the train line, nice little market town, cheaper than the more upmarket places like Prestbury.

Altrincham also lovely.

Macc is nice in some areas, grim in others - can be a bit industrial. Have you thought about renting for a bit first, getting to know the area ?

smurfmother · 09/09/2009 22:27

Thanks for all the info. We probably will rent first. But even that involves settling ds in a new nursery which is the bit I'm most dreading. I guess I want Macc house prices with the leafiness of some of those other areas, but then don't we all! I'll go and visit the other places in south Manc before we decide anything so thanks for the suggestions.

OP posts:
Lubyloo · 09/09/2009 22:34

Macc isn't bad. Some nice villages surrounding it. Have you considered New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Disley? Fast trains into Manchester but definitely "leafy".

Hulla · 10/09/2009 10:08

I agree with Puffy Prestbury is beautiful and if DH and I were to move back that way then Prestbury would be on our wishlist!

Handforth got a great review in Cheshire Life recently.

bottersnike · 10/09/2009 19:30

I agree with the recommendations for Prestbury and Handforth. Some bits of Wilmslow are nice too, and Alderley Edge is gorgeous (but expensive!)
I grew up in Macc, and was very pleased to move away! It's not got any better since I left either - a bit run down. There are nice villages in towards Stockport - close enough to Manchester, but not too built up.
Happy hunting! Am happy to provide more insider info if required

serinBrightside · 10/09/2009 21:28

Go on give us your budget and we will help you house hunt.

Long post recently from Foxinsocks who was also looking to move up this way.

Knutsford is okay too with really lovely outlying villages.

Nantwich is further away but has very good access to Crewe for rail travel. I want to move to Nantwich, lovely friendly place.

Hulla · 11/09/2009 08:02

Oh yes, I love househunting. Let us find your house!

Hulla · 11/09/2009 09:11

what about this one?

I think it belonged to a footballer. it Robbie Savage? I saw it on MTV Cribs

smurfmother · 11/09/2009 16:22

Mmm, yes, if only my husband was a footballer...

We had a day out in Didsbury yesterday which was gorgeous but, having lived in suburbs of London for years, I quite like the idea of living in somewhere that is a place in its own right rather than a city suburb - hence Macclesfield. But I also want to live somewhere with a bit of culture and some other 30-something mums. We're currently renting in Alsager and all the other mums I've met seem to be about 25 (I'm 35). Not that age is everything, but I'm a lefty university lecturer and I want to live somewhere where I might find one or two kindred spirits. Or even just a book group to join...

OP posts:
Hulla · 11/09/2009 17:06
Hulla · 11/09/2009 17:12

Tytherington? Its Macclesfield but looks nice. Have you visited Macclesfield smurf? I am not a fan of the town centre, I think its a bit tired with lots of empty shops. Suppose you don't have to shop there.

What about Chester? Too far West?

Lizzylou · 11/09/2009 17:19

Lymm is lovely, and agree about Disley.

smurfmother · 11/09/2009 17:22

I was impressed by the Fat Face, Pizza Express and a couple of nice cafes in Macc. Perhaps I'm too easily impressed after three months in Alsager

OP posts:
Hulla · 11/09/2009 17:29

Lol! Or Stockton Heath is nice (but small) - has a Piccolino, Pizza Express etc (I think). Not much by way of culture I don't think and quite close to Warrington.

Will ask DH...he's more expert than I am.

alypaly · 11/09/2009 17:49

poynton...all fur coat and no knickers is what i have heard about the reputation of this area over the last 30 years . it has its rough areas too,as do all areas.( but some equally nice ones too...some of my friends moved there recently, but find it a bit clicky.
My ex lives in Macc...some areas are nice some arent....
I used to live in congleton and i agree with puffylovett that the property is cheaper.

Handforth has some very rough areas,gun crime and drugs high on the agenda too!Used to work in a local pharmacy so i knew what the area was like.I would love to know which part of hand,forth Cheshire Life went wasnt the main drag...i bet it was the Bramhall,Woodood end, which is quite nice.

Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme are central to the main Stockport to london train line. I think Bramhall has got it all, lovely bars and a few nice restaurants but property is very pricey. Take a look at the catchment area for schools if you have children as that is very important and they are very strict in Poynton.If you are one road out of the catchment area then it tough luck.

Prestbury is quaint and extortionately expensive...couldnt even afford to buy a shed there.( garden shed)

Cheadle Hulme is a good area for mums of 35 and there are lots of schools within a short distance of one another.

puffylovett · 11/09/2009 18:15

If you like Fat Face etc, then go and take a look at Wilmslow, it has the lot plus Hoopers which is an exclooooosive deepartment store . Or I'll mention Altrincham again... that's a fairly big town, good shopping, lovely houses etc.

I'm 10 mins up the road from Alsager smurfmother, and 35 for my sins . Not a lecturer but more than happy to meet up if you want !!

smurfmother · 11/09/2009 18:21

Would love to meet up puffy! You might be able to restore my faith in North Staffs. Although sounds like you are selling up too? Will definitely check out Wilmslow as main line train is really important as I have to go down to London a lot for work. Thanks everyone for all the tips

OP posts:
Hulla · 12/09/2009 08:23

Good luck smurfmother. I hope you find somewhere lovely!

puffylovett · 12/09/2009 08:23

Not sure about restoring your faith, I'm due DC2 anyday now, so my brain is mush

I'm not really a stokie btw, I relocated from london too. my email is catherine ellis 30 @ hotmail dot com if you want to email to arrange a meet up / play date (DS is also 2.5), but plse don't be offended if I don't reply immediately, my due date is monday

nettlemummy · 12/09/2009 08:59


Have you seen Bollington, a large village just up the road from Macclesfield? It is lovely and would suit your criteria.
Some lovely schools in Macclesfield, Fallibroome and Tytherington high are both well thought of.
If you were to move here I would look (depending on budget) to the left of silk road inbetween buxton road and windmill street, tytherington and the area around the hospital.
Macclesfield is really mixed as it has it's millionaires and leafy lanes but the Moss Estate, the Weston estate and upton priory estate are all areas with high deprivation.
Disley etc is a good area. Wilmslow is lovely too, Didsbury and the Heatons are great but you are getting into a more built up area.

paddingtonbear1 · 12/09/2009 09:14

I've lived in Poynton for the past 8 years. It's a nice area, schools v good, does have its fair share of 'hoodies' but then so does my dad's small village. The people who come from here can be quite funny about us 'incomers' but most I have met have been friendly. I wouldn't live in macc tbh, some of it is pretty grim and I don't think the schools are great. If I was moving now I'd probably consider Wilmslow (where I work) and Bramhall/Cheadle Hulme. Still like it here though as we have countryside (Lyme Park) at the back of us! Like Prestbury but too pricey. Not keen on Handforth tbh.
I also like High Lane, Disley - not too sure about schools in New Mills. I used to live near Didsbury and loved it but not sure I'd go back there now I'm older

smurfmother · 15/09/2009 10:26

Thanks again for all the info. Given what you've all said, and my own feelings after another visit, I'm pretty much decided that Macclesfield isn't for us. Since getting back to London quick is a key concern, we've decided to look at Lichfield. Not near anyone we know, but v. good for trains and roads from the looks of things - not to mention Waitrose and second-hand book shops

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