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Can completion dates be moved onece agreed?

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HouseHunting · 07/09/2009 14:13

We are looking to exchange in 2-3 weeks time & our buyers want to complete mid/end October. we still haven't found anthing to buy (have offered though) & am wondering if once we have exchanged (after agreeing a completion date) could we move the completion date if we do find a house quickly? Thanks

OP posts:
Fimbo · 07/09/2009 14:19

Completion dates need to be agreed prior to completion, once exchange takes place, the completion date is legally binding.

HouseHunting · 07/09/2009 14:47

Ok, thanks for that!

OP posts:
rebl · 07/09/2009 15:47

I think you'll be in breach of contract I'm afraid if you have exchanged already.

HouseHunting · 07/09/2009 21:10

Thanks, we are going to try & negotiate an extended completion date so we have more time to find a house to buy

OP posts:
Fizzylemonade · 10/09/2009 17:12


We were due to move into a house exchanged months before. They were moving into a new build and it was ready early.

As we were renting they asked us if they could pull the completion date forward, we agreed and it was changed. But there were only those 2 houses in the chain.

It can be done if both parties are willing and a new contract is drawn up and signed.

mummygogo · 10/09/2009 17:30

If the buyers agree you could exchange with an on or before date. This means you agree the latest time you both would want completion but it could be on say two weeks notice from you to them if your purchase catches up. This would be easier than re-exchanging as a re-exchange can only be done if the buyers agree post exchange and of course they don't have to and probably won't want to by that point.

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