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Help with Ben's Gutters

5 replies

Petsville · 27/08/2009 16:29

Has anyone used Ben's Gutters? If so, what were they like?

OP posts:
Smileymoo · 28/08/2009 13:01


I was thinking of using them last month when I needed some gutter work done but I didn't like the way they kept phoning me up to chase the work. Then a contact at the NCT gave me a recommendation for a guy and he came and was brilliant (and a lot cheaper than I was expecting). He's Dean and his number is: 07710 72 75 95

normalserviceresumes · 28/08/2009 13:20

we emailed them and they never replied. Used a local chap who was fab.

Petsville · 28/08/2009 13:41

Thanks v. much, both of you. Where are you based, Smiley? We're in London.

OP posts:
Smileymoo · 01/09/2009 14:26

We're in SW London.

blrdlytia123 · 12/04/2019 16:04

When I called them, the man at the phone seemed busy. I've asked for a service that they don't do and the guy simply hung up the phone.
It was so rude!
I'll not recommend a company like that at all! :-(

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