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After 3 weeks and threatened court hearings we have a house!!

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rebl · 25/08/2009 20:47

Today we had our offer accepted on the house of our dreams. Its been a total nightmare from the moment of putting in our 1st offer. Its got 3 owners, 2 are warring husband and wife. They clearly can't agree on anything other than they hate each others guts. Its taken an age to get anywhere and on Thursday last week we walked away. They wanted (or rather he wanted) a very silly amount that a) the house wasn't worth and b) we didn't have. Then on Friday we were told that she had decided that she wanted to sell to us and liked our offer and because the ea had told her she won't get more in this market she went back to her solicitor. We were told that it could end up in court with her and the silent 3rd owner forcing sale. We gave up and started looking for rented.

Today we were told they're ALL accepting our offer .

I really really hope its all downhill from here, its been a uphill struggle so far. Selling was a piece of cake compared to agreeing a purchase price on where we wanted to buy!

OP posts:
puffylovett · 25/08/2009 21:53

I saw your original post rebl, that's fabulous news ! How excited, am so pleased for you

Hopefully it will all be smooth riding from here on out

fruitstick · 25/08/2009 23:07

rebl congratulations! I hope it all works out for you.

Onwards and upwards!

HouseHunting · 26/08/2009 12:17

I searched for this post after replying to your other thread - I am so HAPPY for you! That is wonderful news Now I just want your other hold up to go smoothly - defo let us know what the roofers say when you've had them round. All the best

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