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What colour schemes do you have in the rooms in your house? I need to get away from this god awful magnolia.

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Sparkler · 25/08/2009 16:14

We've just decorated DD2's room in pale blue and green with a turquoise carpet and it looks really lovely. Just need to work on the other rooms now but not sure what colours to use.
What colours have you used and did they work well?

OP posts:
myredcardigan · 25/08/2009 17:13

We've just decorated the sitting room and hall.
In the hall we've put dark oak flooring down with duck egg walls (paint below the rail and shimmery duck egg blue and silver paper above. The blue looks great with the very dark floor. I really like it.

In the sitting room we've used two shades of olive/sage green. We used the darker one in the inglenook. Light oak flooring in there. It looks good but I just don't like it because I just don't like green. DH loves it. I want to change it to shades of brown but he's having none of it.

Did the dining room last year. Very dark red and OTT. Looks great at night but a bit heavy to eat in there in the day and even in summer evenings.

Kitchen is white wood, granite and shades of brown which is a little bland but light bright and airy.

BTW, remember that although a house which is just magnolia can be dull. One where every room is a succession of bright colours can be overpowering. Other than my dining room, all my rooms are on the neutral side of the colour IYKWIM. It helps the rooms to flow.


PitysSake · 25/08/2009 17:14

we are white all over
evry room is white
i dotn like coloured rooms


BonsoirAnna · 25/08/2009 17:21

This is such a hard one - colour is very architecture-dependent. Our flat is all white and really wouldn't suit anything else, but in another sort of property I have gone for multiple colours.

Sometimes using mirrors and other decorative effects can be nicer than lots of coloured walls.

nickelbabe · 25/08/2009 17:21

have just painted one big wall in the lounge a goldish colour (it's called cheltenham gold and it looks like an orangeish wood colour: not as dark as terracotta and not as gold as gold). the rest of the room is off-white (no, not magnolia which is the paint colour from hell {own personal bad memory story}). (it's because the 70s carpet is brown/red/orange/gold)
it's nice to have a bright wall if you've got mainly pale walls, but if you can't do that, then you could always go for some other feature type: my mum did bright green to the dado rail, then mint to the picture rail then a really pale green/almost white from the picture rail to the ceiling. it looked really pretty.

you could do that kind of thing with different colours, too and if you don't have a dado rail, you could put a matching/contrasting border around the middle of the wall.

BigGobMum · 25/08/2009 17:28

Mostly black/white/silver. Hate the choc/coffee/cream/ business; and scared of colour!

ssd · 25/08/2009 17:40

anyone suggest a colour on the wall to go with a wine self coloured carpet?

noddyholder · 25/08/2009 17:45

I have white all through downstairs it is a big open plan room and the kitchen part as red tiles but white units and oak shelves.Everywhere else is an off white except the living room which is grey and really lovely.Colour is difficult to get right but can look great.Huge light rooms can take it but it can look 'studenty' if not careful.

Horton · 25/08/2009 17:46

I'd find an all white house terribly depressing, I think, but I do really love colour. I do agree that it's dependent on the style of the house, though.

Here we have pale chalky greyish pink (nearly white) in the living room, with multicoloured rug (predominantly dark red) and white sofas with either red or very dark pink throws. I love this room's colours. It feels airy but not cold, IYSWIM. We have stripped the floor boards in every room apart from the kitchen and bathroom and beige (boring) carpet up the stairs and on the landing.

Dining room/play room has a dado rail and is a lovely rich ochre up to that with pale cream (not magnolia, it actually has a hint of olivey green in it) above. Very warm and welcoming. We also have a very bright multicoloured stripy rug in here.

The hall and landing are just very plain pale cream/sand colour.

Kitchen is pale bluish grey, nice and cool to look at, with pale wood units and stainless steel cooker. The floor is slate and the counters are dark stone.

Upstairs, we have a very pale lavender/grey colour in our bedroom which is probably the least successful of the colours. It's a bit dull, tbh. I think I'd quite like to redo it in something a bit darker and cosier.

Spare bedroom has a rich magenta/purple up to the dado rail and v v v pale grey above it. I love this but it's quite a strong look and I don't know if I'd do it in a room that's used more frequently.

DD's bedroom is white with one bright red wall and a picture rail height alphabet running round the top of the white walls in crayon colours, blue, red, green and yellow.

The bathroom has very pale green tongue and groove on the non-tiled bits up to dado rail height and a pale sandy colour above. The floor is dull green rubber tiles and the wall tiles by the bath etc are white - like the ones you used to get in public lavatories. This is really successful as the green is nice and cool and the sandy colour adds a bit of warmth.

Er, that's quite exhaustive, isn't it?!

PitysSake · 25/08/2009 17:47

yes dont do colour if your house was built after WW2 imo

millenniumfalcon · 25/08/2009 17:49

mine's mostly neutral as we have a small house and loads of stuff so it would feel a bit much with bright colour. we have colourful rugs etc. everywhere so it's not at all dull. i use (much derided) farrow & ball because i love the colours and the quality of the paint on old plaster (the matt is dead matt for example which minimises imperfections, also it breathes well and we have damp downstairs).

i use a lot of lime white, on a colour card it looks quite dark, but on a wall it reads as a lovely creamy white. our living rooms downstairs are "bone", which is a warm grey, quite light but still a very definite colour, in the bathroom it's mostly tiled (creamish), but the walls/ceiling is lime white with darker woodwork, a stoney colour.

upstairs we have lime white painted floorboards/woodwork/ceiling with a light blue-green in my the spare room. kids room is due to be decorated but i've done the floor lime white in there too (can't see most of it for enormous red/pink/orange ikea rug though).

loft (our room) has natural cork flooring (much lovelier than it may sound) and everything else is lime white, but i've gone for full gloss woodwork rather than the much duller eggshell i use elsewhere.

millenniumfalcon · 25/08/2009 17:51

(kitchen is original 50's and we haven't made any decision what to do with it yet - after nearly 10 years - apart from painting the walls blue when we first arrived)

Meglet · 25/08/2009 17:53

white walls and laminate floor. Even 2 pre-schoolers can't make it look too crap.

puffylovett · 25/08/2009 22:12

Depends on the age of the house IMO. Older houses take colour better.

Our 30s semi is mostly neutral colours but they tend to be of the coffee / latte / creams and then colour introduced through furniture / tiles / accessories / books. Upstairs our bedroom is duckegg and almond with a feature laura ashley wallpaper wall, DS room is multi pastel colours (we didn't know if girl or boy) and bathroom is sage and white.

I hate the house so its never had lots of loving attention - but I LURVE my bedroom, whcih I poured my heart and soul into.

Am getting very into wallpaper at the mo though... when we move to my dream period property I plan to use it a lot more !

Sparkler · 25/08/2009 23:02

Thanks for all the replies. Some lovely ideas here. Our house isn't all that old really but I still think I want some colour in it - decorating DDs bedroom with it has made me want more!

OP posts:
Overmydeadbody · 25/08/2009 23:08

All the walls throughout the house are white with a tiny hint of pink to warm it.

Then most things roughly fit into a pink and green colour scheme, with black and cream.

It is really just a mismatch of stuff though. Nothing very finished about it.

Horton · 25/08/2009 23:11

I would love an original fifties kitchen, millenium. That sounds the coolest of the cool. What colours? It sounds lovely.

millenniumfalcon · 26/08/2009 14:26

lol horton it's v small so is essentially just a cupboard it has got the lovely slopey underneath bits iykwim. trouble is the space would be much more efficiently used if we took it out and put in something modern, but i keep trawling ebay gazing at 50s units - especially the tall ones - and wondering if we could somehow shoe-horn them in. hence lack of action for the past decade

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper · 26/08/2009 14:36

I think when deciding on colour schemes it's probably best to start by deciding what fabrics you want for curtains and soft furnishings first - it's much easier to match paint to a fabric than it is to find fabrics to match a particular shade of paint.
(Hope I'm making sense.)

Sparkler · 26/08/2009 15:30

I know people here will and people in RL have warned me not to but - I have decided to replace all the curtains in the house as we decorate each room with venetian blinds. I'm sticking to cream blinds in every room so my choice of colouring is unlimited.

OP posts:
Squishabelle · 26/08/2009 20:21

Sparkler - its a great idea. We have no curtains. Got rid of them all; dust-gatherers I say!

Horton · 26/08/2009 20:53

Oh, get more units, millennium. You must. Even one unit sounds like the coolest thing ever. I would adore a really retro kitchen. I had a friend at school whose parents had a wonderful canary yellow sixties kitchen which I still wish I could have somehow stolen.

If you like blinds, Sparkler, then that sounds great. Also, cream is really sensible. A lot of people in our road have those wooden venetian blinds but cream sounds way nicer. I love curtains and am still sad that the window arrangement in our living room makes them impossible. I really want to get some thickish gauzy/musliny curtains for over the blind if I can find something that's right, to satisfy my desire for big sweeps of fabric.

Linnet · 26/08/2009 22:14

My living room is buttermilk, hall is white, my bedroom is lilac, dd1's bedroom is Dulux mineral mist which is a lovely blue shade, just painted it the other week. Dd2's room at the moment is a lilac colour but is going to be Daffodil White when I get a chance to paint it. Kitchen is lemon tropics yellow but is going to be French vanilla, creamy colour, again when I get round to it.

noddyholder · 26/08/2009 22:19

I have wooden slat venetians in alabaster which is a stoney cream and they are great brilliant for insulation and light and a lot cheaper than shutters which we have had before

Horton · 27/08/2009 09:54

Those sound really nice, noddy. I think something like that might look good in our bathroom.

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