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Do you live close to an electrified line?

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cissycharlton · 30/07/2009 11:40

I'm thinking about buying a house very close to a rail track which is electrified and just wondered about any possible effects on health (apart from the obvious). Anybody live next to a tube line etc. who could give me the benefit of their experience?

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cissycharlton · 30/07/2009 11:47


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MarquesDeLeon · 30/07/2009 12:02

I think people worry more about buying a house near overhead electric cables and towers rather than rail tracks. The noise is more of a concern when living close to railway lines. We have lived near a tube line and had no concerns. However, we wouldn't consider buying a house near overhead electricity cables.

happywomble · 30/07/2009 12:07

We live next to an electrified line (rails not overhead). It has never crossed my mind to worry about the fact it is electrified and I am an anxious person!

I would rather live near a railway than a road as I quite like the sound of the trains passing and on our line they are not that frequent.

cissycharlton · 30/07/2009 12:07

Thanks for that. What got me thinking was that we viewed three houses all very close to an electrified track and to be frank, all the vendors seemed a bit depressed. Probably coincidence I know but it did make me wonder. Probably daft as we all live very close to electricity sources.

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trellism · 30/07/2009 12:16

I used to live next to a busy railway line and a motorway. It was the noise that got me down mostly, but also the vibrations from freight trains meant the tiles on the roof tended to work loose, and we kept getting leaks. Before we got used to it, the shaking would wake us up every night at about 2am.

The vibrations also caused cracks in the walls and every now and then light switches would just fall out because of this. It would have been more depressing had it not been a rented house and therefore not my problem.

A final concern, if you have children, is that they might manage to get onto the line. Railway tracks have a weird attraction for some kids and they go to extraordinary lengths to get onto them.

I'd hazard a guess that a tube line wouldn't be so bad as they're lighter, not suitable for freight and they don't run all night.

I've also lived under electricity cables. I would not be in the least concerned about any direct harm from these as, tbh, the electromagnetism from the Sun is way stronger than anything from a pylon. It was depressing though, so I wouldn't live under one for that reason. Or maybe it was just because it was in Stevenage?

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