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HIP how much did you pay, does it matter who i go with

11 replies

icedgemsrock · 29/07/2009 18:04

the estate agent has offered me a deal but then the mortgage people have offered a better one. Are there good hip companies and bad, or do i just go with the cheapest?

OP posts:
frimblypoo · 29/07/2009 18:12

All much of a muchness, the stuff that goes in them is exactly the same. The estate agent will outsource all the different parts (land seaches, EPCs) to someone else and be taking a cut. IMO if mortgage people have it cheaper go with them.

mummygogo · 29/07/2009 18:39

I'd go with the cheapest. They are a complete waste of money and absolutely good for nothing.

icedgemsrock · 29/07/2009 20:11

right thanks for that. you've saved me £200!

OP posts:
Rox73 · 30/07/2009 13:32

hips4u online are cheap, if you do a search online for HIPS a number of companies do this for a fraction of the price agents and solicitors offer. I think we paid less than £200 for our HIP.

susie100 · 30/07/2009 14:31

Don't use Simply Hip they are rubbish and took 2 months to complete ours (we ended up having to pay for a new search ourselves)

We threatened them with legal action and only then did they refund us the extra costs incurred.

Blackduck · 30/07/2009 14:34

Find someone cheap, but quick as you can't (legally) market the house without it, but accept the fact that probably no-one will ever read it... (waste of money....)

icedgemsrock · 30/07/2009 21:07

i've been quoted £299 inc vat (also quoted £499 from estate agent) will have a look online - thanks
rox73 did you use hips4u and did they do it quickly?

OP posts:
Blackduck · 30/07/2009 21:22

299 seems reasonable - you can do it yourself, but still need the energy bit which you would have to pay for....complete waste of paper to be honest, and hasn't brought the cost of solicitors fees down at all!

Rox73 · 31/07/2009 10:32

icedgemsrock, yes we used hips4u and they did our hip reasonably quickly. We ordered on the 16th and got it back on the 27th. This was back in January of this year.

icedgemsrock · 31/07/2009 17:26

done it with hips4u £204! and they said 10 working days. They also quoted £265 for a solicitor am tempted to go with that aswell!

OP posts:
MrMayoNessie · 31/07/2009 20:38

We used Hips4u as well, very quick and efficient! However, that was 18 months ago so a lot may have changed with the market!
HIP's are only valid for 12 months, if after this time you take a break from selling and then remarket with the a new agent then you do need to pay for another HIP again, that's the situation we find ourselves in at the mo.

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