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Size of garden

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LovingTheSunshine · 15/07/2009 12:34

I have a 2 year old boy & we plan to have 1 more child. Is a garden of 32' x 25' big enough for them to play i.e. kick a ball around? It currently has a patio area & the rest is laid to lawn & the current owners have a big slide & a big trampoline in it. Would you buy a house with a garden of that size? Thanks

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LIZS · 15/07/2009 12:40

Our old house (4 bed) had a garden roughly that size, fairly standard size in a modern house, and it was perfectly ok with one and fine for 2 to play in with swing , small climber etc.

LovingTheSunshine · 15/07/2009 14:19

Thanks LIZS, we are going to try & go view the house.

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