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Has anyone spray-painted a filing cabinet?

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NoHotAshes · 20/06/2009 15:20

I have an old filing cabinet which is very useful but rather ugly. I was wondering how I could spruce it up a bit and wondering how to paint it. Has anyone done this and can tell me how to do it?

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 20/06/2009 20:09

Spray painting it will make it look worse, very difficult to get it even. If you are really determined to paint it, use a primer and then paint over in chosen colour with a brush or roller.

Squiz · 20/06/2009 20:33

I painted a metal filing cabinet with normal emulsion. Prob B & Q's own which you can use on wall, wood and metal, no primer and it looks absolutely fine.

NoHotAshes · 21/06/2009 18:45

I didn't think of just painting it normally for some reason. That sounds like a much better idea!

OP posts:
bloss · 21/06/2009 18:48

Message withdrawn

moondog · 21/06/2009 18:48

Take to a garage-ask them to do it.

Spoo · 21/06/2009 18:50

I spray painted a filing cabinet with stone affect spray paint. It looked great although after a few years was not so brilliant. I think you have to do a few layers before it looks good.

icedgemsrock · 21/06/2009 21:11

i did in pink with normal paint!
looks great

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