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HouseHunting · 18/06/2009 21:18

Does anyone know anything about Knebworth in Herts? Is it a nice village with good schools? Thanks

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HouseHunting · 19/06/2009 17:55


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whooosh · 19/06/2009 18:01

Village school (Primary) is excellent although new Head not been there that long so jury is out.
Biggest problem is secondary schools.
Nice village-all you could need from a High St-brilliant butcher,baker etc.
Quite a good community if you choose to be involved and great for commuting or actually just getting to anywhere really.

HouseHunting · 20/06/2009 08:27

Thanks whoosh we are looking at houses in Knebworth today. My DS is 2 so I am pleased that the primary school is excellent, more worrysome re secondary though. Need to do some research if we like any of the houses. Somebody mentioned that traffic can be a bit of a problem, is that true?

Thanks again!

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whooosh · 20/06/2009 09:00

Traffic has never been a problem.Get a few lorries in the high st.
The pre-schools here are very good too and there is on attached to the primary school.
There is a move at the moment to try and get a secondary school built for Knebworth.

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