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Any Winchester people about?

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pcworld · 17/06/2009 19:51

We are pondering a possible move to the area but everything is so expensive. Wondered if there were any recommendations for some of the surrounding villages? For example, what is Kings Worthy like? Are there are any areas to avoid? We would be considering both state and secondary schooling too. Any tips would be appreciated

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stringbean · 17/06/2009 22:04

Yup, Winchester is very expensive. I'm not sure about villages (Kings Worthy is sandwiched between A34 on one side and M3 on the other) but there are lots of nice places south of Winchester with very good schools that aren't as expensive - Romsey, Chandlers Ford, Fair Oak for example. Secondary schools of note in the area are Thornden, Kings, Westgate (both in Winchester), Wyvern, Mountbatten, so you may want to consider a catchment for one of these. Also Alresford is very nice and has good schools. From what I recall, Kings Worthy is in the catchment for Henry Beaufort secondary. Hope this helps .

pcworld · 18/06/2009 08:29

Thanks, Stringbean - that is very helpful. Everywhere we like seems to be sooo expensive so am information-gathering for the time being Will research some of the other areas you have mentioned.

OP posts:
faraday · 18/06/2009 21:32

FWIW, from my experience, you can get a DC into Kings from a reasonable distance away. I know of a DC who got in from North Baddesley (on second round offers) last year. That's 8 miles away. NB is a lot cheaper than 'close in' Winchester but also be aware I'd say 95% of NB kids go to M'batten in Romsey so one who didn't might feel isolated. MB is an OK school, new 'talk the talk but will she walk the walk?' head (few 'ishooz' with a largish influx of DCs from the failing secondaries in N Southampton SOME of whom have brought 'social problems' with them!). Romsey School is also OK. similar to MB in reputation. You have to be in catchment for Westgate (leafy Winchester) and Thornden (leafy Chandlers Ford) but you can get a 3 double bedroomed townhouse in Th. catchment for £224K.

Henry Beaufort is also fine though purely from what I've heard, it'd be ranked 3rd against Kings and Westgate- but it's stiff competition! We ARE talking Winchester here! Both K and WG have excellent OFSTEDS but WG is considered more arty and liberal, K more like a grammar school.

A friend's DCs go to Perrins in Arlesford which is considered to be good.

Don't know anything about Wyvern but(deep breath here) I'd avoid Toynbee myself.

Good luck!

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